How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls : How to Contrast Wall Paint Stripes

How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls : How to Contrast Wall Paint Stripes

Hello. My name is Melissa Shank and on behalf
of Expert Village today I am going to teach you how to paint a room with stripes. In this
clip, in our final clip, lets talk about contrasting our colors. It is very important when you
are going to be painting stripes on your walls, of course you want to have two colors that
are slightly contrasting. One that is brighter or darker than the other. It can be very different
or it can be just slightly different. But when you are contrasting your colors and stripes,
something that is very important to do is to paint just, you know one or two stripes,
and as you saw in the ealier clip we are going to take the tape off of the wall as we do
it. So you are going to be able to see right away the contrast. And, most importantly,
if you like that contrast. You may think that you like the contrast, by looking at the two
colors of paint, in the paint cans themselves, but, what does it look like on your walls?
So instead of painting your entire room, and kind of looking back and thinking well, what
does this look like, I would recommend paint a couple of stripes, take the tape off of
the wall and have a look at it. See if you like it or not and adjust it. If you don’t,
you can fix it right away. You can paint right over that and fix it. If you have done the
whole room, you are going to, you are going to spend a lot of energy in case, well if
you like it, that is terrific. If you don’t like it, then you are going to have to redo
it. So my suggestion is just do a couple of stripes, have a look at it, and if you like
it, keep on going.

17 thoughts on “How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls : How to Contrast Wall Paint Stripes

  1. I been painting for 12yrs and I can tell u right now that its possible to paint stripes without tape. However why would U want to??? First, it take longer time 2 do it without tape. Second, Your lines would never come out as perfect anyway. Lastly whats the point in doing it freehand??? So you have bragging rights??? I dont need 2 bragg.Everybody knows am the best at this shit….. True srory bro!

  2. Hi, I wanted to design my own bedroom and may I know how much is it to get these painting tapes? I always loved strips wall painting!

  3. @bklynboyeny I've been painting stripes for 20 years. Freehand stripes (using pencil hatch-marks as a guide) are fabulous-looking!! And using a glaze instead of paint, and a brush, your stripes look watercolored and very lovely not being so static and wallpaper-looking!

  4. This show nothing on how how to paint stripes…. I mean should I remove the tape before the paint dries and can I apply a few layers?? What is stupid video

  5. I seriously don't understand why not just make all these clips into one video, very dumb and definitely not a 'How To Video' Gave no help what so ever. my own knowledge helped better than these videos. sorry not sorry disliked quickly!

  6. Extrapolating from common-sense:

    1) Paint LIGHTER color on entire wall (2 coats, min).
    2) Allow base color to fully dry.
    3) Painter's tape stripes sections (use tape measure/yard stick to space).
    4) Paint OTHER color (2 coats, min) within tape margins (every OTHER section).
    5) Allow top color to fully dry.
    6) Carefully remove painter's tape.
    7) Carefully touch-up, free-hand, any areas the tape bled (if necessary).
    8) Enjoy.

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