How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls : How to Mark Stripes for Painting a Wall

How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls : How to Mark Stripes for Painting a Wall

Hello, my name is Melissa Shenk and on behalf
of Expert Village, today we’re going to teach you how to paint a room with stripes. In this
clip, let’s talk about marking your stripes. By that, I mean what you need to do is, when
you are going to be starting to paint, you don’t want to paint or accidentally paint
one of the wrong stripes on the walls because obviously, one of these you’re going to paint,
the next one you’re not, the next one you will and so on and so forth. So, a couple
of different ideas for you. The first is, you want to decide which part of the wall,
which stripes you’re going to be painting. In this case, we taped our wall and each of
our stripes are 8 inches apart. So of course, here, we need to tape outside of our eight
inches because this right in here is where we’re going to be painting. So you’ll see
that this one is exactly 8 inches. This one looks smaller because the tape is going inside
here. But what I like to do, is, some people either use a pen or a pencil and they will
“X” the actual stripe they’re going to be painting. Obviously you won’t see it because
you will be painting over it. I like to do the opposite. I just use something simple,
very simple, a post it note, the post the note on the wall, on a portion of the wall
of the stripe that I am not going to be painting. So, in this case you see that I am not going
to paint here, I am going to paint here, I am not going to be painting here and all I
have left to do here actually is add one more stripe onto the wall, that takes me to the
corner and I will be painting there. So you can see this keeps it very simple especially,
if perhaps you’ve gotten a little bit tiredsome. This part of it does take a little bit of
time, the actual striping and taping of the walls. So in order to keep your stripes straight
and you know which part of the wall you’re painting and which part you’re not. In this
case I would recommend using post it notes. They’re cost effective and very easy to use.

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