How to Paint Terra Cotta Murals : Definition of Teracotta Mural

Hi am Tamal Bhattacharya, muralist, talking
on behalf of Expert Village. My subject is Mural, Terra Cotta Mural. The Mural is a vast
subject in art world. Murus is a Latin word. The murus means it’s a wall. The wall related
to work is a mural. Different kind of mural. The ceramics mural, terra cotta mural, any
junks mural is related to artwork and art methods. This is a mural. Related the wall
and inferment. The two damaging quality and painted surface. Mural is work of art activities.
Mural is a Byzantine art and Bengal traditions the mural is the terra cotta temples. Terra
cotta temples is a big vast area of Bengals. It’s turned India and Bankua Municipal vastly
the mural and total wall and different kind of God and Goddess. The relief work all kind
of relief sculpture but the relief sculpture is one type of mural. Actually, my thinking
all of this mural is relate to the human beings. Not only the painting, the mural related to
public relations. Related to inferment, relate to wall, and relate to atmospheres. Thank

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