How to Paint Wall Murals : Composition Tips for a Wall Mural Painting

How to Paint Wall Murals : Composition Tips for a Wall Mural Painting

IAN LOVEALL: Hi. I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village, and we’re looking at mural painting today. One of the keys to successful mural
painting is composition. Composition is sort of the organization of shapes in the picture.
It’s what is going to keep everyone looking at the painting for more than three seconds.
What I have here is a value sketch and as you can see it is really super rough. What
this is is just a little tool for the artist to plan out where I want my dark and light
values to go; this will help direct the viewer’s eye. Now if we look at the wall behind me,
you can see that it doesn’t exactly match, but that’s okay; I got the basic idea on paper.
Now the eye is going to be directed to the areas of highest contrast which means if you
have a really dark color and a really light color, your eye is going to go there immediately.
So, when you first walk in, your eye will generally land about here that’s because in
our society we do everything left to right, so the eye will naturally fall toward the
left of the picture plane. Now, the way I have the value scheme laid out, your eye is
going to travel down across the hills to that corner, the dark corner contrasted with the
sunlight hitting the side of the pillar there is going to direct your eye up, follow the
curve of that arch around the top of the wall to that high light where the sunlight is hitting
the leaves at the top of the wisteria vine. From there, the eye will travel down the vine
back to where you started across and then maybe travel up that vine and get caught in
this loop here with that arc. You want to try to keep the viewer’s eye on the painting
for as long as possible, and value sketches are one tool to help you create the composition
that’s going to allow the viewer to do that.

14 thoughts on “How to Paint Wall Murals : Composition Tips for a Wall Mural Painting

  1. wow, I must look more into composition, and it's probibly because its the video but my eye went straight to the sky, what ever though that is an amazing mural! and I'm surprised that such good work is on expert village. usually the painting videos aren't so great

  2. good question lol it's two things I can draw so I put them in a nature scene 🙂 maybe if we go into the journey into earth? lol

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