How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Cast Shadow for Wall Mural

How to Paint Wall Murals : How to Cast Shadow for Wall Mural

IAN LOVEALL: Hi. I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village. We’re talking about mural painting today; light and shadow. Light and shadow
are the keys to realistic painting. If you look at this example here, we’ve got a lot
of cast shadow going on. Normally, mural painters will sort of shy away from cast shadow because
it’s dark and we usually want to avoid dark in a painting on a wall because it closes
in the space. I’m telling you, do not be afraid of shadows. This is what’s going to make your
painting pop. So, for example, we have a lot of cast shadows here. We have a shadow being
cast from the bouquet, the urn, we have a cast shadow here from the dove, and a lot
of shadow going on under the architectural work here. Our light source is that window
over there, and so as the light comes streaming in, it’s going to be blocked by any object
in its path. For example, this border here is going to block the light and the wall directly
behind is not going to receive any light, creating a cast shadow. Again, down here along
the bottom edge, cast shadow. Even the vines that are growing up along the wall will create
cast shadows against the wall where the vine is blocking the light, falling on the wall

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  1. such sarcasm on Youtube, always. I wish sometimes if you didn't like a video, you would just leave and look for something more to your liking instead of making an inane comment. If you were face-to-face with this person, you wouldn't do that (I hope). Maybe a comment more like "do you have something else that actually shows the technique?" would be more helpful and more socially graceful.

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