How to Paint Wall Murals : Obstacles for Wall Mural Painting

How to Paint Wall Murals : Obstacles for Wall Mural Painting

IAN LOVEALL: I’m Ian Loveall with Expert Village.
We’re looking at mural painting. Composition. Composition can be a real pain in the neck
if you’ve got a room full of furniture, like this one that we have here. Now obviously,
I was commissioned here to create two full-wall murals, floor to ceiling, and so I had to
come up with something to fill the space behind the couch and behind the piano; can’t just
leave them blank even though no one’s ever going to see what’s back there. So, as you
can see at the top here we’ve got a couple little bushes poking out. I basically just
sort of continued that all the way to the ground giving it enough depth and texture
that it would be passable if they ever decided to move the couch. I also like to include
my own little hidden touches in that area that no one’s ever going to see. Again, behind
the piano it continues all the way to the floor with more foliage, flowers, and little
details, insects, animals that, again, no one will ever see unless they decide to move
that piano. Can’t really work around it, so you do what you gotta do. On this wall here,
we’ve got these really great windows which are–windows can be a blessing or a curse.
They’re nice because it means that’s–that much space that I don’t have to worry about
painting. They can also be a pain because it means I have to design something around
the window. In this case, it was pretty easy to do. We’ve got a nice little vine growing
outside there in the yard with the brick wall. So, I just sort of brought the outside indoors,
sort of continued the vine theme here and that sort of ties the outdoor view into the
living room. So, you’ve got nice continuity there, then you pair that with a matching
stone texture that kinda mimics the wall outside, gives it a nice little holistic complete look.

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  1. This is beautiful! Be sure to say good bye and thank you on your vids u are a great artist! Do u do smaller works? If so check out masterworks Bermuda artist in residence program!

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