How To Paint Wall Quote Stencils

How To Paint Wall Quote Stencils

Okay for this demo we’re going to use
the stencil Home Is Where The Heart Is. We are using folk art acrylics again
they work great for this. We’re going to do this project with a stencil brush. So
we’re going to be using first wrought iron folk art wrought iron and again
we’re going to concentrate a little bit on the load of the brush. So I’m going to
come down I’m going to lightly dip my brush into just the edge of the paint.
Just get it on the tip of the brush and then I’m going to this with a circular
motion offload the paint. This way I have the tip of the brush evenly loaded it’s not
too much paint and you’re ready to stencil. Okay when we stencil with a brush
the idea is to stew a sweeping motion towards the opening of the stencil. You
don’t want to sweep the brush to the edge of the stencil you’re going to
force paint under the edge and get bleed. So you come in and then you just sweep
in towards the center. Okay time to do the heart. We’re going to
use folk art Christmas red for the heart and we’re going to be using a slightly
larger brush this time we sell these brushes it’s a slightly larger stencil
brush and it’s going to work great for this heart here so we’re going to load
the brush again just dip this the tip in the surface of the pain here then do a
circular motion that evenly distributes the paint on the end of the bristles.
Then we’re going to take that and we’re just going to slightly offload that on
our paper towel so we’re ready to go here. When you stencil this you want to
make sure that you bring your your brush into the opening of the stencil and
don’t work this way and push the paint underneath. So you know you can start in
the middle of the stencil no problem but when I do this I’m aiming it towards the
opening of the stencil. You can see how this works works great. It’s quick, it’s
easy I’m getting great coverage. It’s known as the pouncing technique. You can see how the larger brush makes
very quick work of this larger area. Okay home is where the heart is let’s see how
it turned out. That looks fantastic! Nice tight edges, turned out great. We’re
really happy with this. took about five minutes to do.

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  1. Cant you just get paint on your brush and paint it?! The whole paper towel thing is just unessacary! If it is uneven who cares! It looks more human!

  2. my question is where do you get the stencil from thats my hardest thing right now is figuring out how to make a stencil or where to buy it cheap

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