How to Paint Wall to Look like Leather | Paint Techniques

How to Paint Wall to Look like Leather | Paint Techniques

Today we’re talking about having a leather
look texture, and this is a very traditional leather faux finish. And I’d like to point out that a faux
finish differs from, let’s say, a glazing technique because a faux finish
actually copies something in nature. So you can find granite and marble and
wood and stone, all come under the very broad groupings of faux finishes. So as I said, this is leather, and it’s called
Moroccan oxblood leather. And
it’s something that I’ve actually done on ceilings in studies and
libraries. And it really depends on what color you choose
because you can also do this in a very mottled green. You can do it in a more traditional
leather color which is the brown and more of a downy color which is the
cream. So this look is achieved by first applying
glue to your surface, whether it’s a wall or a ceiling, and then you apply tissue
paper. And this can just be
white gift wrap tissue paper which you scrunch up and apply so you get this
wonderful texture which is like old leather that is cracked up. After that
you paint it and then put a glaze over it. And there is your leather

32 thoughts on “How to Paint Wall to Look like Leather | Paint Techniques

  1. I want to know the TYPE OF GLUE USED. This is TOTALLY INCREDIBLE. I was going to actually use LEATHER on my ceiling ~ I have watched the video 2 times. GRAND GRAND GRAND AND GORGEOUS!

  2. How to paint this leather design.
     1. Put glue on your wall.
     2. Paint it.

    No demonstration, No details, No usable information.

  3. I love this idea .. but I would like to know .. If ever we decide to remove it .. then how to we do so … :/ ?

  4. What glue do u use? How do you prep the wall or ceiling?is it like a papier mâché king of technique, where u brush glue on top of the tissue paper?come on woman,explain!!.

  5. I found this video helpful in that it let me know that such a technique can be done. But I did have to cross reference it to learn exactly how it is done. Thanks to e carr below for pointing me in the right direction.

  6. she explains it and there are thousands of video show the process but you never see the final efect. and actually this is the best edited tissue paper i have seen so far.

  7. This showed absolutely nothing about "how" to do this technique. Rename this channel to "Why Bothercast." SMH…uh!

  8. Are you kidding me? I'm gonna show you how to build a car by pointing out it has tires and an engine. Sorry, this video SUCKS. Don't even bother watching it.

  9. Really ?? That was a how to video? All you did was talk, i could've done that video with out ever ever even finger painting in my life. How to my .#.#.#. 🤨🤨🤨

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