How to Paint Walls : Cutting Base Boards When Painting Walls

Hi, this is Dan we are still working on our
demonstration for Now we are going to look at cutting in our base board.
This is going to be your final cut line on your project. This is what is going to tie
your 2 tone paint job together. This is a pretty critical line you are going to see
this line everyday. So just like any other cut line, you want to get it there and kind
of push it away. Another thing I should let you discuss is everybody has a better side,
your brush is going to mold itself on how you paint. So because I paint with my right
hand this brush is going to naturally bend now and that direction. So this is going to
be my strength for cutting. Now if you can not use your strength for cut, you are going
to end up with a little less nice of a line. But at the same time it is your only option.
So we are going to go ahead and cut in this piece of base here. To do that we are going
to fan it out, bend our brush a little to the finder line and you are going to pull
it. Lighting is really important in this situation.

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