How to Paint Walls : How to Paint Around Casing

How to Paint Walls : How to Paint Around Casing

Hi, this is Dan we are working on a demonstration
for Now we have our wall colored on, we have the trim colored on. For
the average homeowner I would take of my casing and my tape. For someone who is a little more
artistic, you can cut it in by hand. How I do that is you get your paint on your brush,
you want your brush to fan out just like I was discussing earlier. You want it to fan
out and then you are going to run that straight down the wall. Depending upon the angle which
you stand, you are going to get a better view of where that line should be or a different
view where that line should be. You are just going to run it, you are going to want to
feather out your edges and continue down. Pick up where you left off and continue on.
I do that by just applying pressure, just kind of balancing the brush onto the wall
then I can spin it, I can turn it. If you notice little bubbles forming, you can kind
of want to pull away and get those bubbles off. Then get back over there and start over.
You just want a couple of bristles getting that cut line. Once you fall of you just go
ahead and you start over and work your way down. Once you have a good rhythm going you
can just go down the entire casing.

6 thoughts on “How to Paint Walls : How to Paint Around Casing

  1. better hurry up with that cut in at that rate the boss will make you work threw your lunch and your dinner ,,,to slow of a cut in ,,and your killing the brush smashing it in the wall like that ,,,you got to have a little more flow and be relaxed ,,,,

  2. ok you have the right idea except it would work alot better if your brush was properly cleaned once in a while. Also, your holding your cutting pale wrong as your handle is always in the way. thumb through the handle and finders on side or bottom of the can.Now Dip that brush and leave paint on it,then tap the sides of the inside of the can. Now apply that paint once without removing your brush from the wall Here is a tip Cut first then roll then roll again.or Roll first cut then roll again.

  3. When I cut I only ange the brush a little with slight pressure to gently push the bristles into the corner of the cut. Then I pull a stoke as smooth and long as possible. The bristles will stay in the right place and paint a nice clean cut.

  4. Dan use a good brush first off. Second give yourself and slider of paint then finish your cut. You should cut first then roll out your walls. You must not be a union painter you would be fired long before now, get trained first then make a video. Stop making real painters look bad!!!

  5. Thanks Dan! Looks great, and good instruction–appreciate your thoroughness. I'm a general contractor, and painting is my least favorite task, but you make it look enjoyable again.

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