How to Paint Walls : Masking Corners to Paint Walls

We are now going to discuss putting tape on
the corners and making sure that you have a good crisp line. So we are going to start
back wherever your wall begins and you are going to go ahead and run your tape like we
have done earlier. Once you get into this inside corner, you are going to want to get
it all the way back into the wall.
Make sure that you keep it tight so you get a nice tight seal. You are going to want to
take a puddy knife put it right on the lip for your base on your opposite side and then
pull your tape. What that would do is it would give you a good crisp perfect line when you
go to paint that. So on your next side, you go ahead and start by a 1/8 or a 1/16 side
of that corner. You should have a corner that you had just before you painted it. Now it
would be painted with the colors of each and not variations.

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