How to Paint Walls : Prepping Wall for Painting

How to Paint Walls : Prepping Wall for Painting

Hi, I’m Dan and today I’m doing demonstration
for We are going to discuss how to set up and prep to begin to paint your
project. What I have done, I laid down some drop clothes. I do this to cover the floors,
to prevent any kind of paint splatters or drippings, for covering the carpets. It would
also take I would prep my roller. In order to prep your roller, you want to get some
1 inch tape and you would take this tape and you mask off, go back and forth over your
roller coat. By doing this you pull off any look threads or the fibers on the roller cover
and that would prevent it from getting on the walls. After you have that prepped, then
you are ready to go ahead and tape off your walls, look for any imperfection in your walls.
Do any caulking necessarily before you start to paint.

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  1. load of shit. wash the roller in warm water and spin it out. any purdy or proline or acorn or hamilton roller package will tell you this. gets rid of hairs. same as the brush. when new wash them in warm soapy water then spin out, then the paint loads easier on the roller.

  2. He can't even grow hair on his head like a normal person, for Christ's sake…how can you expect him to enunciate correctly?

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