How to Paint Walls : Preventing Lines When Painting Walls

How to Paint Walls : Preventing Lines When Painting Walls

Hi, this is Dan now we are going to demonstrate
how to smooth out your walls once you have put your first coat of paint on it. This wall
is still wet and all we are going to do is we are going to come back over this. We are
going to start on top come all the way down. I’m not applying any pressure to the roller
I’m just let it coat along the wall. What this is going to do is when this dries you
are not going to see any striping or any lines it is going to give you a full smooth consistent
covering that everybody wants. Not everybody can get unfortunately. Continue straight up
and down. Now if you move this you are going to notice that you start getting lines in
your paint. So what I’m going to do is give you a demonstration on the lines and how to
get them out.

7 thoughts on “How to Paint Walls : Preventing Lines When Painting Walls

  1. Good advice about tilt, but also note that apearance may differ based on what type of wall you paint? lines may show anyway like if you were adding a light colour to a dark wall on the first coat. But follow the tips given on the vid and from maylucrain. this is good advice!

  2. Good advice regarding tilting preasure. Even if you do see lines doing this should remove the chance of you getting thick lines. Getting used to this though for some can prove a little difficult so take your time 🙂

  3. Yes and to add to this when applying a second coat you will see better results, But use the same technique as mentioned here. otherwize you can risk mistakes showing in a different light. (Refering to sun light!)

  4. by the time i could smooth it out the previous coat is already almost dry, and it leaves streaks regardless, i did it as fast as i could but it dried in an instant on the drywall, i tried just painting small areas .. still had streaks all around.. i literally could not start rolling any faster then i did, unless i didn't stop the first time.. and the roller i'm forced to work with sadly holds very little paint.

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