How to Paint Walls : Sealing Paint Lines on Walls

How to Paint Walls : Sealing Paint Lines on Walls

Hi, this is Dan. We are doing a demonstration
for Now we are taking and we are going to tie in to that cut line from
the previous paint job. What I have done here is I have the tape sitting right at the edge
of the previous color. I am now going to take the previous color, that is the color that
is already on the wall and I’m going to run it along that edge of the tape. The reason
that I’m doing this cause anybody who painted before knows that paint can get underneath
your tape and can give you a destored line. Now it is just like any other brushing that
you are doing you want to feather it out. You don’t want to leave yourself a lot of
brush marks and excessive work. I’m just going to go ahead and finish this, this is just
to prep it to put the new color on. What that would do it would fill this tape so the new
color could not bleed underneath the tape. So when we put this new color up here, we
are going to have a very clean crisp straight line.

6 thoughts on “How to Paint Walls : Sealing Paint Lines on Walls

  1. you are so right.I DO THE SAME THING.Its the best way,its good to see someone else do the same.If only every painter knew.good stuff

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