How to Paint Walls : Supplies for Painting Walls

Hi, I’m Dan and today I’m doing demonstration
for We are going to discuss the basics that you need to start painting
projects in your home. You would need your paint, you need to choose your colors, and
there would be a few simple tools that you would also need. You would need a roller frame,
and covers. We would get into that with a little bit more detail in a moment. You would
also need a brush, some tape, some drop clothes, and a few miscellaneous tools like screw drivers,
drills, and obviously your paint material. As you can see, we have the interior paint
here depending upon the size of the project or how much paint we need. We would buy it
in 1 gallons. I prefer to get it from a paint store individually like Sherwin-Williams or
wherever. You can also get it in 5 gallon buckets. The thing about 5 gallon buckets
is they cost less and you get more for it.

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