How to Paint Window Murals : Window Mural Design Layout Tips

How to Paint Window Murals : Window Mural Design Layout Tips

On behalf of my name is
Carolyn Travisano here to tell you about window murals. So at this point in the process we’re
going to get ready to actually lay down some of the sketching and I do it on the outside
because they have a lot of words that they’re wanting to put on the windows just to make
sure to make it easier for me that they’re in reverse on the inside when we go ahead
and paint. So this is, actually we’re not going to put paint on the outside of these
windows they’re going to be on the inside because this particular customer wanted this
to be a long term window mural. So I like to do basically a free hand sketch and it
doesn’t have to be anything that you’re going to do permanently on the other side, but it’s
just basically give an idea of where everything is going to be laid out. With this particular
style they’re using is a very whimsical style so it can be a lot looser and it’s not like
a professional sign painter is painting it. So normally what I do is go in and layout
as far as the tile work on the side and I just use a regular magic marker to lay it
out. What’s really nice is that it’s not that bright and it doesn’t stay permanently on
there and it comes off with Windex and a rag. So we’re laying out the tile work and then I’ll just go in very quickly and
layout the tile and it’s in random order so it’s nothing measured out so it makes it a
little easier and then I’m going to go ahead and start sketching the image that we want.
I think for this one we’re just going to put a coffee drink on there. So very simply I
just start sketching it out.
Again it’s not anything permanent so you can do a rough sketch, it’s just an idea. I’m
going to put parentheses around it, a little spiral in the middle, then we add some smoke
some steam coming off the top and the coffee. It’s a very loose drawing, if they wanted
something more realistic of course it’ll take a little bit more longer to do and a lot more
preparation, but with this is a little bit easier. So there we go I think I like the
way that looks.

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  1. I am an artist and I got myself into doing a window mural which was my first time doing anything on windows. I went with exterior house paint but now a few months later the are getting pealing, bubbling and some sliding in a couple areas so now I am trying to get some advice on how to stop this and save the work I've done.

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