How to Paint with Acrylic Paint : Mixing Acrylic Paint Colors

How to Paint with Acrylic Paint : Mixing Acrylic Paint Colors

Hi! I am Sandra Scheetz Wise at the Gallery
One Artist gallery at Kissimmee, Florida and today on we are going to
mix colors okay. For here example I have started with a three basic colors, red, blue and yellow,
as you see on the color wheel and this is my paintbrush, this is the one I would like
to use a lot of smaller detail, but you can use the other ones too. A tub of water, as
you can see this is the one I use at home, they do get messed up, you do not worry about
it. The paint does not come out, so make sure that you wear something that you do not mind
getting messed up. I also have in this tub some white, some black and some purple or
violet. Now we are going to mix, with acrylics you have to use a little water and you mix
your colors together, try your light color first and then add your darker color to it
to mix and as you can see, you can get different kinds of oranges if you prefer and with this
you can paint anywhere you want. Now remember that you are not going to be able to cover
the painting right away with one coat, you do have to layer and we will get to that later
on in another segment to show you how to do that. Now, you take your blue and red for
example you take your red which is lighter and add your blue and you get your purple,
add little water if you need to make it move, the water helps move it, but you don’t want
to use a lot of it. As you can, you can see through it, that is okay, when it dries you
are going to add a little more over it and it will cover it as you can see. Always clean
your brush when you go to a different color, you have a paper towel to see that the color
is out, add little water, take your lighter color first and then take your darker color
and mix to it and it will get you to your green for example, this shows how you mix
them and get the colors that are on the color wheel the secondary colors. Now, if you want
to… no that is a little dark but that is all right you can just add it more to it and
it will make it greener okay. Now, we are going to add whites, blacks and purples to
help you see the different colors that you can make with it. If you take a little purple
to darken the color for example you have your orange, add a little bit of purple to your
orange and it will darken it and make it a darker orange, for shadows and shades as you
can see. If you want to lighten a color, you can take your white and add to your yellow
for example to get a lighter color for brightness and you can see in there. Now, one thing you
should try to stay away from is using black. I would recommend using purple to darken your
colors more than black. Black does work as you can see… watch… but the problem with
it is the black color tends to make the painting look flat and the purple will help give it
more dimension. Another thing you do not want to do and this is just a tip you can lighten
most of the colors with the white, but red, if you mix white with red it turns out to
be pink. Now, when you want to make a brighter red, you have to use a lighter red and you
use a yellow to tone your red down and let me show you with your orange… but you do
not use as much, you use red and just a tiny bit of yellow and what that will do is lighten
your red. Okay, for you brighter areas of red. Now, when you want to brighten the red
you are going to layer your red, you add your red, you let that dry and add another layer
of red and that will make it brighter, if that is not bright enough, you let that dry
and add another red. The reason I am saying you have to let it dry, if you work an area
too much what will happen is that it will lift as you can see and you won’t be able
to put any paint on there until it is completely dry and it will take a lot of layer over it,
and it will leave a spot. Thank you very much, I am Sandra Scheetz Wise. Please visit me
at my website.

67 thoughts on “How to Paint with Acrylic Paint : Mixing Acrylic Paint Colors

  1. Thank you, for showing us all this. It's one thing to read about color theory, and a whole different (and easier) thing to be shown it. This helps a lot, especially about using purple to darken colors, and yellow to lighten reds.

  2. This lady needs to slow down and relax. She doesnt bring any fun into the video. She sucks at mixing colors by the way. I'm an artist myself, and all the colors she mixed were very inaccurate.

  3. I thought you were very helpful. I don't mind you going fast, I can go back and listen again if I need to. I hate teachers that go so slow you get annoyed.
    Good job!

  4. ok i seriously hate when people use the word "noob" and i try to avoid those kinda people but in this case i completely 100%agree with you

  5. RIDDICKoriginal- u can buy canvases at an arts/crafts store, ready to paint on. Theyll run about $8 . Acrylics (try Basics brand, theyre cheaper) in colors white, cad yellow medium, cad orange,cad red medium , thalo blue, utramarine blue, thalo green,and dioxizine purple, burnt sienna and raw umber, (about $6 each ) , and a1 inch brush. Thin the paint with water. With oil paints u have to thin with turpentineand it takes longer for them to dry.

  6. I found that when painting on cardboard, wetting down the top layer makes the acrylics dry much slower. They also smear easily..

    Why I am painting on cardboard: Too stingy to buy canvas.

  7. When you mixed the purple with the orange…it didn't look like a darker orange to me. Is it just the quality or is the color I'm seeing supposed to be dark orange?

  8. It strikes me odd that teachers still try to use books for artist to learn… I mean, aren't artistic people more visual than otherwise? I do think that using videos would improve studying art better, well, at most half the lessons…

  9. Thank you! In school (where I paint) I always forget to mix colors. The more colors (the more shades of colors), the more realistic the picture gets. Also, thanks for talking about the purple, I never knew that it worked the same way as with pastels or colored pencils.

  10. I think her blue color is the "wrong" kind of blue.. it dont wanna mix to be green or purpel.. there is a other kind of blue that will make the most wonderful green and purple (ofc depending of u mix with red or yellow ;P or else u get brown if u take both) otherwise nice video for newbies.. 🙂

  11. orange and white.. maybe a hint of yellow and or red, depending on what tone of peach u want.. dark light.. just play with a small amount of color til you get what you like..

  12. Wow. Thank you for the tips. I'm an artist and I didn't even know about the darkening with purple tip! I'm going to try that. Very informative.

  13. Azuredrake, it was just to demonstrate mixing colors, she wasn't painting anything! She could have used a q-tip, but would you have been unnecessarily rude if she didn't say the stupid brand, size, type or material! You are the only one who really cares about that.

  14. What colors of red, blue, and yellow are you using? the ones I have do not come out with a purple that looks like that.

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