How To Paint Without A Ladder Cathedral or Vaulted Ceiling Walls

How To Paint Without A Ladder Cathedral or Vaulted Ceiling Walls

Got a real quick painting tip for you here.
Painting these cathedral ceilings way up there. What I have got is an extension pole. It allows
me to reach all the way up to the top from the ground without using a ladder. You can see I already started to paint here
but anyway going all the way to the top. I can reach all the way up there. What you want
to do is keep a wet edge. Get some more paint on my roller here and
than just continue to paint all the way up. The real trick here is when you need to cut
in. Now the nice thing about this pole is again you don’t need a ladder. Just take the handle off here and than dip
your paint brush in your paint. While the paint is still wet up top you can kind of
drag some of the paint from up top there and than cut it in from the ground. No ladder here just nice and easy. Floating
the paint that is up there into the edge and cut it in from the ground. Saves you a lot
of time and energy and again you don’t need a ladder.

4 thoughts on “How To Paint Without A Ladder Cathedral or Vaulted Ceiling Walls

  1. Hey 96ZeT, This might interest you if you didn't have a ladder and needed to paint something that you could not reach. Or if you ever needed or thought to earn money as a painter or maintenance tech. I am out to pass on lots of tips that can save you time, money, energy, backaches, and or headaches. I have learned and developed lot's of methods and techniques that show where and how to to hit to make the biggest difference when it comes to keeping things working.~Happy Painting~Happy Fixing~

  2. "Cutting in" refers to all the brush work around the edges. At the ceiling, the baseboards, around the switch plates , all of the fine detail work is the cutting in portion. The "cutting in" is made much easier when you roll up to it and than cut it in from there. The needed paint is brought close by the roller and than added to and spread in by the brush. Understanding this makes the application much easier and the final product much better. ~ Happy Painting (o:) ~ Thanks for watching!

  3. I'm going to give this a go ob my vaulted ceiling but I dont think I'll get a neat edge because from the floor I can't really see what I'm doing 🙁
    I haveca ladder but I'm scared of heights!

  4. Yeah, this would create a right mess unless your ceilings are the same color as your walls, but who does that? Ceilings are typically white. Walls aren't. I mean, you'd end up brushing some of the paint onto the ceiling. That often happens when you're holding the brush in your hand, but having it just stuck into the whole at the end of a pole?! Nobody has that kind of fine-motor skills, dexterity, to do detail work from 15 feet away. And sans ladder, you'd have no way to to clean it off. Not helpful. No wonder this house more TDs that TUs.

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