How to Paint Your Wall The Right Way

(upbeat music) (upbeat, bright music) – [Woman] If you are gonna use high gloss, we actually suggest a quarter-inch now. As you increase in sheen,
you’re gonna notice, obviously, it becomes shinier, right, which means inside the
can, the pigment particles have become smaller, and
they lock together tighter, which allows light to reflect off of them. So higher the sheen, the smaller the mat. (upbeat, bright music) So now if we’re talking
about textured walls, sometimes even Hardie Board
can have some texture to it, that’s when you kinda wanna step it up to a half-inch or even
possibly a three-quarter-inch. Again, it comes back full-circle. If you’re dealing with
a three-quarter-inch, which is real bushy, you
definitely gotta saturate that roller, so now, we’re
talking 15, 20 pounds. You gotta get that paint in there. (upbeat, bright music) A lot of customers do
not reload their roller or do not saturate their roller enough, so they’ll look down at it
and it’s covered in paint, or it’s discolored, right? The fabric absorbs that paint color, and so, they’ll just
push harder on the wall to get every ounce of paint
out of the roller cover. Not only does that leave hatbanding or uneven roller marks
along the wall surface, but you’re not using enough paint. And you’re putting a
lot of pressure on this that doesn’t need it.
(upbeat, bright music) Wanna dip in, and if you have to, I usually like to just let it sit. So if it’s like really dripping for some reason, like I maybe put a little
bit too much on the brush, what you can do is you
can just lightly dab on the inside, here on both sides, just to get, release
a little bit of paint. (upbeat, bright music) But it can be easy, and you
can be totally empowered and walk away and be like, I did this. Like this is awesome.
(upbeat, bright music)

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