How to Plan a Wall Mural Painting : Fan Brush for Wall Mural Painting

IAN LOVEALL: Hi! I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village and we’re painting murals today. Okay, next we’re going to look at the fan brush.
This is one of my favorites for painting clouds. It can also be used for laying in washes or
leaves, vines, whatever you happen to be painting at the time. It’s an incredibly useful brush.
I’m going to demonstrate the same sky done all in the fan brush, so you can see that
this also has the potential to be used a lot of different ways. Again, you want to work
really, really fast. Acrylic is great, but it does dry awfully quickly. You can get additives
to add to it to slow the drying time. I do a lot of mixing so I don’t usually like to
mess with a whole lot of that. For this one, I am going to add a little bit of medium.
You can usually mix this into the paint or you can put it right on the canvass or the
wall. I do both and both acceptable. Some art teachers would get really mad at me though.
Okay, so we’ve got our wash in. This is called a graduated wash because it fades from a darker
value of blue to a lighter value down at the bottom. And now we can start blocking in our
cloud shapes. Again, different brush can be used to achieve some different looks. You
can sort of use it as I’m doing here almost like a broom or you can load it on its side
like we did before and create broader swirling shapes. One thing you want to keep in mind
when working with acrylic is that it does not dry the same color that it goes on. It
dries about 10% to 20% darker than you’re actually put it on the canvas. So, be aware
of that while you’re choosing your colors. You come back to the mural a couple days later
and think “Oh, my gosh! I didn’t paint that!” This is also one of my favorite brushes for
painting foliage on trees and such. So, you can see it’s sort of a wispy stroke. So, you
know, depending on the look you’re going for. That’s another option. And the key is play,
experiment, mess around and don’t be afraid of making something that looks horrible, you

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