How to Plan a Wall Mural Painting : Materials for Wall Mural Painting

How to Plan a Wall Mural Painting : Materials for Wall Mural Painting

IAN LOVEALL: Hi! I’m Ian Loveall with Expert
Village and today we’re looking at mural painting. So, what I’ve got in front of me here are
just some basic, basic materials you’ll need to get started. An assortment of brushes as
many different sizes as you can find, you’ll never know what you’re going to need. Rags,
a duster, sponges, rollers, plastic wraps, sand paper, paint and acrylic medium and gloves,
I hate using gloves some people like to keep their hands clean, what can I say. You want
to collect an assortment of brushes of all the different sizes you can find. I also use
a variety of bristles you’ll notice this has a very coarse, rough bristle on it. This is
an acrylic brush it’s great for–use with acrylics and oils. It has the stiff bristle
because the paint is generally thicker and you need more tension to get it actually on
the wall and place where you want it to go. I also use water color brushes, which are
very fine and very soft. These are great for doing washes and glazes and things where the
paint is going to be going on in a very, very thin layer. The brushes come in several different
types. You have your basic round, flat, and a filbert, which I don’t use very often, in
fact I don’t even think I have one. But what a filbert is well, it’s similar to this. This
isn’t a true filbert, but it sort of a blend between a flat and round. It’s a flat brush
but it has a rounded tip and a little bit more volume than a flat brush. I work almost
exclusively in flat brushes that’s just a preference. The only other two that I favor
are this fan brush, which is great for creating a variety of different strokes. I’ll demonstrate
some of them for you later. This got a very wide and very flat bristle. And then this
pouncing brush, which is just sort of a mop of bristles that can be used for anything
from stenciling to creating swirl effects. I like to use this one painting clouds, pretty
useful thing to have around. So I would say of this jar of brushes, I only use this handful
right here. So, you know, you’ll pick your favorites and experiment, see which ones you
like the best.

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  1. Sign painters squirrel hair brushes are good for very long linear work .Much paint is stored in the heel .Great for long continuous lines

  2. I have to do a mural at my school Wall's. And… I not a pro artist but i try my best… I just want to ask what is the first step to do the mural at wall…. I begin with sketchy on the wall and it's a little bit hard u know.. Please somebody teach me to do the right way.

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