How to PRINT a T-Shirt with BLEACH Feat. Naveen Richard

How to PRINT a T-Shirt with BLEACH Feat. Naveen Richard

DIY Why Because I love it? Hi, Hello. Thank you. Well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How do you treat a sick bird? tweetment Okay, I have, I have back up, my friend Naveen all right. How’s it going? Yo, Alright Rob, who were you looking at? Yeah, that’s okay I can- Calm down, calm down, I know, but it was getting to you a hard way. I’m the comedian, let me do the jokes, all right, about this. What do you call the ambulance lane in India? The wrong side of the road, you know what I mean. *crickets chirping* Whoa, you’re damn lone man Yeah, pretty hard to impress these crickets is always coming in and judging people just when- all right, calm down, calm down. We’ll get better. You know, I think we should just stick to what I do best. Yeah, wearing hats and looking cool. Pulling off just like, and diys-oh right yeah, yeah, yeah- you know why yeah because I love it [music’ Let’s do some Diy. Diys! I’m going to do some t-shirts printed today. Oh yeah, we don’t even need buttons for that! Sweet man. It’s a really simple and fun technique and for that, I have something you’ll love. Ta-da! Whoo! All righty then! Sweet! Star Boys. Nice , so have- nice, even all right, all right, beautiful man. You know it’s your show, and you love it. I love it. Right, right, right, right. Yeah, nice thing to explore- Sweet man. -as you can see we have two posters here That’s right. To make a stencil, we are using this plastic sheet. Mm-hmm Okay, so now we will just outline this so if you want you can tape it. Yes! So now I’m going to, Outline the characters now when you can outline “STAR BOYS” cool man, so you have any fun stories of the show? Kenny called me one day, and I was in Bangalore, and I said dude I frekin’ wrote the script it’s Amazing you just have really read it right now. It’s amazing We have to do this show read it right now and and then I read this thing and it was Ridiculously funny like now I was just laughing my butt off the whole time, and then we were like; who’s gonna watch this, I mean, We don’t care. We won’t do you want to watch this so we just made people like us Rob Do you have a drawing face and I just noticed that I am coloring right now. I’m [just] [like] I Don’t know I’ve never made in your eyes, and oh man. Did it not look that cool everybody don’t I look cute okay? Okay, so we are done with the outlining Okay, arresting ow. we’ll use a cutter. Yes. Here you go son and a wonderful [man] Normal kids it’s not safe to run around with scissors in your hands But if you’ve got one of these cool cutter cutter things then it’s okay right Rob (NO) Okay, we are done and our stencils are ready That’s right all done and ready to go finally we’re here Okay, so now since our stencils are ready yeah, well we need to do is we need to get a t-shirt in okay and start a printing process beautiful and Place your stencil on it, but before we start the bleaching process We have to put a cardboard newspaper or among both pieces inside inside the t-shirt. Oh, so it doesn’t go To the back of [the] t-shirt, that’s right Hey crickets. Can you get out [of] here? Please come on all right? We aren’t even making jokes. God damn crickets Okay, so you’re done now. I just have boxboard. All right. I’ve got it according to our stencil okay, now we’ll just tape it and You just make a nice composition. So see the placement sure sure I guess for reference. You want a robo Rakesh Next to your belly button. So he likes it anyway, so let’s get the magic ingredient in that’s bleach is bleach [oh], and we’re just going to spray, okay? The magic hasn’t started to work yet, but it will soon. I’m guessing So you can see already here. It’s become. Oh, man. Yeah, that’s quick the magic of bleach Also, I have the same bleach here in a bowl, okay what I’m going to do is using a brush We’re just going to use the strokes here bold strokes for finer details in all you can again use a finer brush or you can use an earbuds [alright], so we get the poster back in as a reference of course okay? It’s the moment truth up in here, and it’s done Oh my God man. It’s a [freaking] work of art Rob a little more detail here [okay], so now we will get the other stencil in Okay, so we have taped the stencil now. We’ll take some Newspaper so now we have a newspaper I guess it’s important to keep up with current affairs and stuff it can never be Is that all whenever you’re [getting] bored during the you can just read it Yeah, sure, and now we go back to the spryaing Okay, go for it. All right, okay? Okay, so we are done now We will dump this in cold water right this of the reaction stop the color will be a lot lighter upon fully drying Okay So a lot [of] the color you will see will look different after you give it a wash and you iron it When you wait about I mean you just have to wait for a few minutes But you use like you see a okay 18-15 right and see the final Result and outcome here. So what I did was I have already done one Which is dried because we now save time right and we get the one that is ready. Are you [ready]? drum Roll, please Now not the cricket not the crickets gone Drum roll, please it it it it it it again. Oh Shish Kebabs man oh My God, there’s a term that the young people use nowadays robert nailed it. Holy shit man This is perfect, okay, actually it’s all perfect man [wow], dude, [and] that’s how you print a t-shirt using bleach bleach Stencil and a guy named Rob [and] [away], and there you go we have star boys sweet man. Let’s see how it looks on human And we are done. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video, and I hope you guys like the technique yeah, man It’s easy as gulab Jamun alright. Anybody can do this looks fabulous. [that’s] right. Yes Fly look at that stop eye to eye listen. I’m not gonna watch this. I’m not gonna put in my washing machine I’m just gonna hand wash bucket Wash it for the next [10] years, but I’m gonna wear it everyday But I’m gonna buck it wash it once in three months and if you are trying this technique Then please click pictures video [videos] send it to us senator Rob send it to Rube rakesh on Twitter You know just [send] it all of us, and we’d love to see [it] You know how to get in touch with me yep, and in your honor. I facebook. I don’t forget to add in Twitter instagram Ship Shapley boo boo, [but] on all of it everywhere. Yeah hand right here then please keep coming I don’t have a fun time [with] you man. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. Thank you Yeah, I’ll see you guys in my [next] video until then do good and be good peace

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