78 thoughts on “How to recycle magazine / Magazine Wall Decor / Waste Magazine Craft Ideas / Recycle Ideas

  1. My goodness…..
    What a talented person you are dear…
    Amazing job
    Really too good👌👌👌👌👌👍👍

  2. Very beautiful,my daughter is very happy to see it and start making rolls . Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas.

  3. It is great to recycle to help our mother earth. Thank you for nice recycle ideas. This will give my children ideas for projects in school. Thanks for the art.

  4. Wow!! Great start of the day with a cup of tea. ☺ Very nice.. hat's off to your hardwork and imagination behind these crafts..🙏

  5. Wow loved watching it!!! Looks really great and a great way to recycle ♻ 😊😍👌🏻

  6. Amazing and creative craft idea👌💖Thanks for sharing this nice video, dear friend👌💛👍👍Have a great day 💖

  7. Superb creativity in recycling paper 💐💐💐wonderful and heart shape will always give good look and so beautiful to see 💐💐💐

  8. This is so cute!!! I love how they both turned out! I definitely don’t have time to make these, but I really wish I did because they both look so nice from recycled things. I really loved how you made the bow! Looked so fancy but was super easy! Definitely going to use that trick!!!

  9. Hello our friend! What an amazing idea! We have lots of magazines that the kids like to use for arts and crafts, but we will have to try the heart! They would make great decorations or even gifts! The reindeer frame turned out beautiful and you could do that with any shape as well! Great share! Full View and Big Like 38! ❤🦌👍

  10. Super, used to magazine wall decor, look very beautiful and pretty, great paper craft 👌 full watched and big thumbs up 👍

  11. Wonderful art!!! Now i wish I didn't put all those magazines in the recycle bin. New here to your channel and joined you!😃

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