How to Remove Bleach Stains | Cleanipedia

How to Remove Bleach Stains | Cleanipedia

Welcome to Cleanipedia. Always read the instructions
before using a product. Remember to check fabric care labels or manufacturer’s guidelines
and test a small area before using a product or natural solution. You must clean bleach from carpets or upholstery
immediately, before the bleach has changed the colour of the fibres. Remember to use
biocides safety and always read the label. Take a clean white cloth, and blot the excess
bleach away from the stain. Don’t rub the mark or you will increase
the size of the stain. Fill a bowl with warm water and washing up
liquid like Persil. Using a microfibre cloth, apply the solution
to the stain and blot more of the bleach away. Empty your bowl and fill it will fresh cold
water. With a clean microfibre cloth, rinse the
area with the cold water. Lay paper towels on the stain to absorb as
much water as possible. Once the stain is dry, go over it with a vacuum. Find more useful cleaning tips at

47 thoughts on “How to Remove Bleach Stains | Cleanipedia

  1. How exactly do you get a bleach stain off a t-shirt that dates back to the late 1990s? Both the t-shirt and the stain date back to that time. I never knew how to get it off. I tried the vinegar solution and while that worked a little, it also started to make little holes in the t-shirt where the bleach is. I need a better solution. I cannot buy an identical t-shirt, nowadays.

  2. fuck Monday's. I got my new shoes a stain and was hoping this video would gives tip. fuck this video. dislike

  3. If ur shirts white and it turns yellow get soap any kind and gel doesn't have to be gel just something or shaving cream and scrub the hell out of it in the sink not the washer

  4. Bleach isnt a stain… For something to be a stain it has to have added colour, bleach removes colour not adds it, therefore it's not a stain. Also this will not fix a bleach mark.

  5. #1. Bleach isn't a STAIN. It is a SPOT. Stains are spills that ADD color. Bleach creates color loss.
    #2. Soap and water do absolutely NOTHING but ADD soapy residues to the bleach spot.
    #3. The bleach needs to be nuetralized by a professional carpet dyer. Once the bleach is nuetralized, it needs to be extracted. Then your professional carpet dyer will mix up a custom permanent dye solution. Call The Carpet Chemist 800.515.1342 or visit us online at for more info on professional carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair.

  6. Doesn't even look like they put bleach on this. Have you use bleah? It affects the area fast, that just looked like you wet a spot.

  7. Guys, I have found a solution. Once I ruined my favorite shirt with bleach, I started using to capture my cum when I bust. I have noticed that my sperm has some kind of reaction to the bleach. Upon further investigation and tests, I have came to the conclusion the the proteins in jizz, contain enzymes that demolish the chlorine make up. Just pour a half cup of bleach onto a piece of fabric and just nut out a load onto the stained spot and you should see it fading overnight. Just throw it in the washer in the morning and you should be good.

  8. Welp my favorite hoodie is now gone. I would wear it every day. I can only wear it to sleep now. WHY DID I CLEAN THE BATHROOM WITH IT!!!!😭😭😭

  9. Just keep bleach away from your carpets. Better yet, don't own bleach…there are other products, without the potential for damaging your clothing and household fabrics.

  10. I was carrying bleach and it accidentally got on my favourite jacket and I'm crying so hard rn😭

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