How to Repair Drywall

How to Repair Drywall

Got a few holes in your walls? Fix your damaged
drywall with these simple repair tips. Small dings and dents are easy. Scrape away
loose debris, apply lightweight spackle over the hole, and let it dry. Add more spackle
if the hole isn’t filled, then sand smooth. For popped nail heads, drive in a drywall
screw about 1-1/2 inches above or below to hold the drywall. Then drive in the popped
nail, spackle, and sand. Holes from a doorknob can be fixed with a
small patch kit. Stick it over the hole, then use a drywall knife to cover with lightweight
joint compound in a crisscross pattern. Feather the edges so it blends with the wall. Let
it dry, then add another coat of compound if necessary. A great fix for holes six inches and smaller
is called the California patch. Cut a new piece of drywall about two inches bigger than
the hole. Score the back about an inch from each side. Snap off the loose gypsum but leave
the paper backing. Hold it over the hole, and mark around the gypsum. Cut out the area
with a drywall saw. Apply joint compound to the back of the paper, press into place, and
cover with a couple of coats of joint compound. For larger holes, cut a piece of drywall a
little bit bigger than the hole. Hold the patch over the hole, trace it, and cut along
the lines. Hold small furring strips inside the hole
on two sides and secure with screws. Now set the drywall patch in place, and secure
it to the furring strips. Apply joint tape and compound. Got a dinged up corner? Cut the damaged corner
bead with a hacksaw, and use a knife to cut the drywall. Remove the damaged piece, and
cut a new corner bead to fit. Secure the piece, then apply joint compound to the corner. Finish all repairs with a light sanding, primer,
and paint. If you’re repairing a textured wall, lightly
sand the repair to blend with the surface. Then mix 4-parts joint compound to 1-part
water. Dip a stiff brush, and flick it onto the wall in a forward motion. Another option is a texture spray. Shake the
can, adjust the nozzle, and spray in a circular motion about 6-18 inches from the wall. For
a knockdown finish lightly flatten with a drywall knife. Just a few simple steps, and your walls will
look as good as new. Want more great ideas and how-to’s? Go to or just click to subscribe. Next, learn how to paint your walls.

78 thoughts on “How to Repair Drywall

  1. You are a lifesaver! My cats have shredded and taken chunks out of the drywall under the window they love to look out of. I thought I would have to completely replace that whole section of drywall, but this video made it seem simple enough to fix without doing so. This will be my project this Summer. Thanks!

  2. How much should it cost to pay someone to do this for me? I have a rectangular hole that some "repair" people neglected to patch.

  3. @0:22 – For a raised nail in sheetrock, you want to make a NEW hole? For cripe's sakes, just remove the nail and replace with a screw.

    @0:34 – A doorstop would have PREVENTED this in the first place. Sheesh.

  4. Good vid with simple reminders and secrets. A template tool comes in handy when the holes aren't perfectly in the middle of a wall.
    Emmy Braxtly

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  6. Man, seems fairly easy to handle. Good skill to know when I accidentally kick a hole in the wall out of frustration at bullshit games being bullshit. lol.

  7. Awesome tut, thanks. I am changing the location of a lightswitch box, and I think I will use the method of cutting a patch of drywall for the old opening. If I cut out the drywall a bit on either side I will expose the surface of some studs (it's between a doorway and a corner) and won't need to screw in any support wood. Should be easy as heck.

  8. I used this video after installing a new door over drywall. This was very helpful. You can see my door that I bought from Lowes here being installed:

  9. I'm in the 8th grade, but I have a hole the size of my MP3 player in my bedroom wall. I'll show this video to my dad when I'm not grounded.

  10. You showed mesh tape on the repair then said coat with compound. You have to use quick set with mesh premixed mud doesn't work with mesh it will fail.

  11. I am a painter and have to do a lot of drywall repairs. This video is one of the best it tells you different methods really good video

  12. I will NEVER purchase anything from you because you interrupted my video learning about iCarly with your ad. Thanks KS to that, I vow to never do business with you. Don't make me watch your ads.

  13. Monica, have you ever tackled an in-ground pool with pavers around? And a covered patio. I can send a picture if you're interested. Thanks for your consideration. Regards, robin

  14. Been watching @Vancuouver Carpenter for a bit and learned so much, but I learn a little more with this video. Gotta say I really enjoy Lowe's over Home Depot. Kobat is way better than HDX.

  15. Thanks for the video. I won't be shooting bird shot shells with my Shotgun out the bedroom window bout 5 feet from inside the house anymore… Goddam… Wasn't using my brain at all

  16. Before you start,,, go to Lowe's. Now watch how every employee will evade you thinking you may have a question about product location. (10 standing around talking, get near um, SCATTER)
    They teach the technique in orientation when you're hired.

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