How to Repair Holes and Cracks in Walls – Dutch Boy Paints

Repairing Holes and Cracks With small cracks and holes such as nail
holes, brush the area clean, then use your finger or a putty knife to apply an
appropriate filler: wood filler for wood, non-shrinking joint or spackling
compound for plaster and drywall. Then with a putty knife, apply a thin skin of filler over
the patched area. When the patch is dry, sand it smooth. Wipe it with a moist cloth to remove dust. Then spot prime to create a uniform
surface and help the new paint adhere. For larger holes and cracks, cut two
pieces of self-adhesive mesh joint tape, making sure the pieces are larger than the hole. Center the two pieces in the shape of an X
over the hole, and press firmly into place. Cracks usually require just a single piece. Cover the mesh with one or
more layers of joint compound. When the material is dry, sand it smooth,
wipe it clean, and spot prime it.

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