How to replace an electric water heater. The Home Mender

How to replace an electric water heater. The Home Mender

Hi this is Dustin Luby with Home Mender
inc and you can find us on the web at Today, we are going to change out an electric water heater Pretty basic .Pretty simple so we’ll get
it knocked out. First thing we’re going to do is turn off the breaker at the
panel usually labeled “water heater”. Obvious and then we’re going to kill the
cutoff on top of the water heater. Next, what we want to do is take a garden hose, hook it up here running out to the driveway. Turn on the valve. Open it up.
Drain the water heater. If we don’t we won’t be able to lift it. After we’re
sure the water is off, powers off, we’re going to go ahead and start taking it
apart. so we’re going to cut off this pipe insulation here and get this free alright and then just throw that in the
floor. Okay we’ve got the insulation off.
Generally, there’s only one cut off. That’s going to be your cold line so there’s
cutoff to the supply to the water heater brings in the cold, water warms it up,
shoots it out. If you don’t know which one’s hot and cold just feel it. Oh, that’s hot. So then we’re going to take a tube cutter. Pipe cutter
and then cut the pipes. Let’s go ahead and sure this thing is empty. After you got it draining a little bit you gonna want to open up this pressure relief valve.
It allows the water to flow out a little smoother by venting. Alright, we’re
going to go ahead and disconnect the electric supply to the water heater.
Again, make sure it is a shut off at the breaker box. Okay and we are going to
disconnect. I always like to cap the nuts back. You
know, just in case. You also want to test after you cut it off. You’ll want to
test to make sure that it is actually off otherwise you are just relying on
someone else and hopefully they did their job right and labeled it correctly.
Not something to play with so we like to go ahead and test it anyway. After we
think our water heater is drained, we’re going to use our pipe cutter
to go ahead and cut the pipe. rocket science You can’t cut that with anything else besides a specialized tube cutter
otherwise you will bend or you know flare out the pipe then your fittings
won’t go on. My pipe cutter sucksI I will be purchasing a new one after this
job. Alright and we are through and then we’re going to go ahead and do the hot
side. Alright! We are through.
Now we can try to lift this guy out of here. I brought along a dolly. It’s going
to help. Alright this guy’s is still pretty full but since we’re in a garage, not a big deal. No chance of damaging anything. We’re going to go ahead and
wheel it out. Once we get the old water heater out we got to put the new water heater in so here it is. It’s nice and pretty we do want to make sure that our electrical
line is gonna be long enough to reach it. Also, you want to make sure that your
hose bib where we drained the water heater before is accessible. Here it isn’t a
problem but sometimes they’re you know closet or something so you want to make
sure you can get to that for the next time. Alright, we want to take some
sandpaper cloth and go ahead and clean up our supply line. Get it nice and
pretty. it’ll shine it up
it’s like grandma’s brass. See how pretty now ? and voila. I’m going to go ahead and
do the other one too right now we’re just working our ground line over top of
these screws we can tighten it down secure it. Alright. We are in. Now we’re
going to connect the power. usually the water is labeled if they’re
not hooking them up exactly how you found it is a good rule of thumb. Now cram the 10 pounds of wire into a 5
pound hole. Alright. Now that our electrical line is
wired and secure, we can go ahead and run the supply line .Alright, I’m going
to be using a 3/4 inch steel braided sharkbite fitting connection which is
amazing. They’ve got these little push on fittings. Push in pull it back to lock it
secures it. Very sweet. So push those on, pull them down the lock it and then run this.
Make sure you run your supply line, obviously, to your cold. You don’t want to
reverse it or anything. The water heater is usually labeled on top hot, cold or will be labeled with a red or blue something or other. Alright we’ll go
ahead and snug these down in a minute. Let’s do our hot side. Again, push up, pull down and it’s locked. They’ve already got washers inside them
so there’s no need to teflon or pipe dope the nipples or anything like that. So we’re going to snug them down. Alright, we are completely snugged. So
we’ve got our electric wired. We’ve got our supply lines run, so what we’re going
to do now is turn the water on. Our water supply line is back on now. You can hear
the water heater filling up so while we wait for that to happen. All
right while we wait for our tank fill up we’re going to go ahead and run the
pressure relief valve line. By code these need to be extended within six inches of
the floor and we’re always going to do things to code. So what I’ve got here is
a three-quarter male fitting copper so we are going to sweat this line on here.
Alright good and clean . We’re going to take some recto seal thread sealant also
known as pipe dope and we’re going to dope this and we’re going to dope the
inside threads of this guy , too. Oops.
After that’s done, we’re going to go ahead and put this guy on there. Alright . Tighten him down. Alright. Get him good and snug .Now the
fun part .We have some… after we’ve cleaned our fittings,
we’ve also cleaned the end of the pipe that’s going in there ,we are going to
sweat this on there with or solder this on there with a little bit of flux. We’re
going to put the …we’re going to put the flux inside the fitting
here and on the part that’s going to be connected to the copper line. You want to
use a clean brush. This brush is not clean so we’re just going to make sure
we don’t get any crud in there. The flux helps the solder to flow a little better so this guy’s going to go right up in there. We’ve got our torch. A little bit of
solder. You always want to heat up the fitting, not the pipe. Alright and there we have it. Alright,
now that we got our electric connected, we’ve got our supply lines done .We’ve got
our pressure relief valve line run within six inches the floor. We’re going to
go ahead and turn on the breaker and hope nothing explodes. That should do it.
Now your elements are warming up. Our last step which I’m not going to take you in
there and do is we’re gonna bleed the lines. Open up the hot water on the tubs.
Open up the hot water on the sink. Basically, just gets the new water
flowing through so where you won’t have a lot of coughing and hacking when you
turn on your water. That’s it! The water heater’s installed. Lines inside are bled. Electric’s back on. Water is heating up as we speak.
All in all, it took about 35 minutes so all that’s left to do is clean up the
mess. You can choose to clean up the mess or not. Sometimes I do. Sometimes i don’t. No, I always clean up my mess but that’s it so for, I am the Home Mender, Dustin . and I will see you next time.

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  5. should warn people never to turn on power until heating elements are completely submerged otherwise you can prematurely burn the elements. otherwise, good stuff

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  8. When draining the water out, at the start, first shut off the cold water supply to the heater. Then open a hot water faucet in the house so it drains faster.

  9. You really should solder BEFORE putting the pipe on the tank if the soldering is close to the tank itself. Not as big of a deal for the T&P relief valve, but it is just good practice to prevent tank damage.

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  14. I found this video today and successfully replaced my water heater, just FYI hardware stores also sell the couplings to attach the pipe for the overflow valve, so now no soldering needed. I saved 450$ on an install from a plumber, YEAH!!!!
    Thank you home mender!

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  18. My tank came to my house today and I got itchy to get it installed rather than wait for a plumber. I followed your video and another video that has some very good precautions about making sure the tank is full before turning on the breaker, etc… I used Sharkbite hoses for water heaters, and the removal and install took 40 minutes. I just took a seriously delicious HOT shower… There are zero leaks anywhere, no undo pressure and no unusual heat radiating out. In addition, the wiring meets the specs of the tank and was insanely simple to conjoin safely… Great vid…

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  27. NEVER solder male iron pipe with dope on it!! Never solder them in any type of valve!!! Doesn’t matter if you are deliberate with the heat you never do it regardless. I’ve been Pipefitter for 17 years and I learned that the first year of my apprenticeship. You should seek professional training.

  28. The copper line downstream from the pressure relief valve is usually plastic in Canada . Since it’s a drain, there isn’t any real pressure build up. If the valve ever opened it just allows water to drain out the open end of the plastic tube. Simple. No soldering. Cheaper.

  29. Let me ask you a question what if you still have the old time boiler combo with the hot water intake would new boilers still work with it and how do the new boilers work compared to the boiler combo with the water intake

  30. Perhaps the earlier person who posted regards sloppy job probably did not see the VDO closely or failed to notice that the pipe has to be attached to the appliance and also the cold inlet water supply was turned on before the breakers were switche d on..

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