How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

-Hello, Inyo fans.
It’s your pool pals, Matt and Rob and today we are discussing how to install an Inground Pool Liner. -We’ll presume that
you’ve already measured, ordered and received your new Inground Pool Liner. This video will cover draining the pool removing the old liner,
and installing a new one. -Generally, only normal household materials and tools are required for installation. This includes screwdrivers, a utility knife garden hose, broom,
duct tape, and a shop vac. We also recommend getting a sump pump to help drain the pool -That just so happens
to be our first step, draining. If your sand
or DE filter has a multiport valve set it to waste to begin draining your pool. Before turning
on your pool pump, set your valves to only pull from your main drain. -Cartridge filters like the one on this pool do not have drained settings. If your system does
not have a dedicated drain or you want to speed up the process rent a sump pump
from a local hardware store. -Once draining is complete, the next step is to remove faceplates
and gaskets from the skimmer light or turn fittings, and main drain. Don’t forget to remove the step seal strips to allow the old liner
to be removed completely. -Using a utility knife, cut the liner in three to four-foot sections
across the width of the pool. This will help make removal
and disposal of the old liner easier. After the old liner has been removed. Check the pool bottom for any damage and make any necessary repairs. -During our installation we discovered cracks in the concrete floor. This liner installed was
in south Florida and next to a canal. The water table
was high and this caused water to seep through these hairline cracks. We use hydraulic water stop
cement in order to patch the leaks. -Once repairs are made,
make sure the pool bottom is smooth and swept clean. If you have a sand bottom,
use caution not to leave footprints. If you purchase new wall foam now it would be the time
to install using the spray-on adhesive. -Next, place the liner carton
at the deep end of the pool. Note the direction arrows
and the instructions on the carton. This will ensure that the liner will be in the proper position to unfold and avoid any unnecessary
adjustments of the liner on the deck. Unravel liner across
the width of the deep end. At this point, have two people
take the shallow end corners and walk the liner
to the shallow end of the pool. Take care to avoid dragging the liner on the pool deck or across the pool floor. -Whilst on the deck have two or more people begin
inserting the liner bead into the bead receiver by hand again, at the deep end corners. Once the corners are set begin to make your way around the pool. Do not use sharp objects
or tools to insert the bead. -Gently pull the liner in position so that the bottom sits
correctly in the pool basin. The bottom should lie flat
without any excessive rolls. -Now you can begin forming
the liner into the pool shell. When the liner is in position untuck approximately
five inches of the bead to insert the shop vac hose.
Insert the hose until it is a few inches
from the bottom of the sidewall. Seal the liner around the hose with duct tape. The top of the skimmer must be sealed as well to prevent air leakage when the liner is being drawn into place. -Now, flip the switch on the vacuum. This process of sealing the liner to the shell takes about 20 to 30 minutes. -Once the liner is in place, start adding water into the deep end with a garden hose. Leave the vacuum on until there’s 12 inches of water in the shallow end. When the water level in the pool is three to six inches below
the pool light niche, skimmer and return jets begin
installing the faceplates. -Next, reinstall the seal
strips and cut the liner around the inside of the step section. Once this is completed, you can continue to fill the pool completely
to the appropriate level. -That concludes the basics
for installing an Inground Pool Liner. If you have any questions
regarding this topic leave a comment down below and don’t forget to visit us over at Thanks for watching.

16 thoughts on “How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

  1. When cutting in the steps just leave inch of material on each side right under the bead. It will hold liner up as you cut…then cut of the last inch on top at the end. 1 solid big piece and doesn't fall on your head/hand while cutting in.

  2. Wouldn't it be better to have the water go just under the returns and skimmers before you attach the new face plates to avoid putting to much tension on the liner?

  3. Hi, we have inground pool over 20 years and really need change pool liner. It is California Redondo C5 pool and I have all plans in cm no in ft and inch. I'm afraid to tell you the right dimensions. :-/ Can you send foil in Europe?

  4. Great video!! I have a question: Could you tell me about the long-term effects of algae, leaves and other organic matter left on the vermiculite underneath a new vinyl pool liner?

  5. Hi there, I made a mistake by cutting the skimmer hole before the pool was half full. Now the liner is shagging below the skimmer, can this be fixed with a patch?

  6. I need someone to install a new Liner. I live in lake Havasu City, AZ. If possible I prefer not to use Neat Pools.

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