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honest reviews and advice. – Welcome to today’s echoey, yet again, video. Today is a very easy video. We’re going to show you quickly how to change over these two taps here, that have slightly become more and more difficult to turn off and they look a little bit old and tired. We can change them over for
a nice new set of lever taps. So I hope you enjoy today’s video. I hope you subscribe,
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on our Twitter and Facebook. For now, let’s get on with this job. I’m going to show you how it’s done. Hold tight! So the first thing you’ll need to do is actually turn the
water off to the taps, so we can actually do any work to them. What I often do is I’ll just
turn each tap on slightly, so just a tiny little bit
of water is coming out and then when it comes to
turning them off in a minute, we’ll know that we’ve
actually successfully turned off the right water supply. Luckily here, there’s two isolation valves underneath this sink, so
what I’m going to need is a little slotted
screwdriver to turn that off and that should make sure
that that’s all done. Once you’ve got that done, we’re probably going to need to use this
piece of equipment here. I call it the claw. You can also use a set of adjustable spanners or a pair of grips. Basically, what we need to
do is slack them off the pipe that feeds to the bottom of the tap. Using one of these claws, you’ll find they go around both ways. They can either tighten up or loosen off. Also if you’ve got one like mine, you’ll find out that it’s
also telescopic as well, so you can reach under there. Next, you can either use your tool, either the claw or the adjustable spanner, to undo the base of the bottom of the tap. And then, after that, you
can either use your claw or your spanner again, or you
can even use one of these, which is a tube spanner. It has two sizes. A large one for maybe bath taps or a smaller one for basic taps like the one we’re working on today. What you do, you use that to undo the plastic or brass part that actually hold the tap in place. As soon as you’ve undone that, you should be able to remove the old tap. So there you go. I’ve got the old tap out of the way. I’ll do this other tap in a minute, but we’re just going to show you how to do this one tap for now because basically it’s
exactly the same for each tap. The next thing we do here is
prepare our new tap to go in. The first thing is, I usually just give the old seating area, where
the old tap was sitting, a nice little rub around. Just get that cleaned off. Hopefully, I’ve made this new one look a little bit better. Then we just remove the
nut off the new one, a new plastic nut. As you can see, I’ve got an
assorted rubber washer here. That will stay on this side. We’re just going to pop that on there. Then I’m just going to go and hold the tap roughly in place where I want
it, get my hand underneath, and just start turning it just like that. You might need help doing this, it depends if you can see
underneath the sink very well. Obviously, I’ve done this about
a million, squ-illion times, so I’m good at it. Then I’m going to go back under
there with my tap spanner. The great thing about
having the right tools, I can hole this in place
and tighten this down exactly where I want it. Now all I need to do is reattach
the cold water feed pipe. Sometimes you’ll find that it’s a really really old bit of pipe. You might even need to
replace the actual bit that connects to the bottom of the tap or remove the old fibre washer and put a nice little rubber
o-ring washer on there. Or if you’re willing to risk it, you can use a little bit of
PTFE tape to try and seal it. We’ve all been there
when we can’t be bothered to go back down to the van. I’m just going to change
over the other tap now and then hopefully everything should be absolutely brilliant. I’ll turn the water on, check for leaks, and then give it a bit of a clean up. Once again, they’re both done. I just going to turn
this water back on now. There we go, that’s that one. That’s the hot water. We should be able to switch that on. Let the air out. (flowing water sound) There we go. All done! There we go. We’ve gone from the old manky taps to the nice, new quarter turn lever taps. How beautiful they look. I’ll think you’ll agree how
easy it was to do this well. If you think this video has helped you, then please like it, share it
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thing you’ve got to do and that is to hold tight. I’ll see you later! Au Revoir! – [Voiceover],
honest reviews and advice.

64 thoughts on “HOW TO REPLACE OR FIT BASIN TAPS – LEVER TAPS – Plumbing Tips

  1. Please can you do a video on how to replace a heating water pump, and explain what you should look for when replacing an old one? Like what the numbers that are printed on them mean and so on?

  2. thanks man… i changed mine… but i should have listened to your tip about openning all taps in my house after shutting off the main supply to reduce the pressure …cos there was slow water coming outa the cold n hot feeds…. took me a while to clean the mess up

  3. I'm doing plumbing in college but I'm addicted to watching all these videos as it helped me pass with the highest grade , thank you so much 🙂

  4. great video !when i buy basin taps i insist on replacing the plastic locking nuts with brass ones ! it hard to get a good tighten on the plastic ones without cross -threading them ! unfortunately more and more stuff is being made from sub quality materials!

  5. brilliantly video.
    I've got the same basin and taps but I want to change it to a mixer tap. without having to change the basin. can that be done and is there a video?
    many thanks

  6. Nice video as always, ive learnt alot from your vids. But woudn't it of made a better job if you had done away with those flexi's and used copper to the taps? ,or was there a reason not to? . just wandering

  7. If your changing taps because you can't unscrew & repair the old ones, look at the Easytapsplitter before you change the taps.

  8. Great vid. Another job for super mum…. off to get some new taps as you have now made me feel confident that I can do this myself. Thanks.

  9. I want to know if there is some way to adapt a mixer tap to this kind of sink i am renting so i cant replace it thanks

  10. My taps were really really hard to undo. After loads of research online i found a tool called ‘easy tapsplitter’ i got them undone straight away. Worth a try if your taps are really tight.

  11. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

  12. What's the name of that tool? I tried to use both a big and small adjustable spanner but it just doesn't fit in the gap between the basin and the wall.
    Infuriating because I already have the taps and was ready to go!

  13. I'd have just got rid of the whole sink/basin unit and put in a new one & a proper mixer tap so I don't burn my hands when wanting to wash with warm water.

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