How to Save Money on Your Home Redesign

How to Save Money on Your Home Redesign

– This is Autumnflora, and
she is an amazing designer here in Nashville, and an old friend! Actually we’ve known
each other for a while! – Yes, a long time. It has been! – I know. So I’m so happy to have her on because I want you to give us some tips on, when it comes to our house, how we can create really
a home that we love. – Thank you so much for having me here, this is really a treat to
be on the show with you and to be able to give some good tips and advice to people who
aren’t working with a designer. So one thing is, find out what
room you want to remodel. Do you wanna do a remodel? Do you wanna do a re-design? What’s gonna make the biggest impact for your family and your life? – Okay, so to create a home that you love you can either go do a remodel where you hire a contractor
and rip stuff out. You can hire a designer
and just do a re-design, but, Flo, that all sounds so expensive! I hear that, I’m like, “Oh gosh, how much is all that gonna cost?” So what do you do?
– It can get really expensive, and you can do it on your own
too; that’s completely fine as long as you know what your budget is. And if you’re working with a professional, make sure you give them your budget. They need to know what it
is they’re working with, how much money you’re
comfortable with spending, so they can stay within that. So really you need to
focus on one or two areas. Start there. A lot of times for people, it’s their main living space. So it’s their kitchen
and their great room. It’s the two areas that, as a family, they spend time in or they entertain in. – It’s amazing where I’ve
heard that whatever room is connected to the kitchen is
where most people congregate. – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends over, a party, everyone is around the
island where the food is, where the beverages are, and
then people will trickle off into somewhere else, but
everyone ends up, you have 20 people in one space–
– In a kitchen, yes! – No matter how big or small it is. – So if people don’t have a huge budget, and they’re not able to go and hire a Flo, to hire a wonderful designer to come in, what do you suggest people do? – There are so many ways that
you can find inspiration that’s not from a
designer instructing you. We have such great resources now, online or even still print—I
still love all my magazines, so if you love magazines
out there, you’re okay! So go through a design magazine; rip out a photo that you love. Go onto House; find some photos. Create a mood board on Pinterest. Find things that will
help you inspire yourself and also give you a visual on
what you’re trying to achieve. – That’s so good. So how do you
find someone that you trust? Like, who’s a professional in your area that you know, okay, this
person’s gonna be legit. – Good question, obviously if
you’re in the Nashville area, I can tell a couple of great names to you, but if you’re not in the Nashville area, which not everybody watching
your show is going to be, there are some great websites to go to. Angie’s List has been around for years. I know people who have
found great painters, even contractors, on that website, so I highly recommend that. Another is House; a lot
of people think that it’s just something where you
go and find photos on there, and you can pull ’em in and
have a kitchen inspiration or a living room inspiration, but there are professionals
listed on there. I’m listed on there as
well as a professional. And another is Takl. There are some wonderful services on there from painters to somebody to
go pressure wash something, if you’re looking at
doing an outdoor area. – Yes, okay, you mentioned the budget, and I love a budget, so for you all I’ve created a cheat sheet so that you can visualize your numbers, and it’s broken down per room, so you can figure out
the money you’ve saved, how much you’ve spent—track it all. So make sure to click the link in the description below after the show. Okay, when I think about clothes, I think about having,
like, the investment pieces where you spend more money
than you normally would on certain items. – It’s funny that you say that– – Is it true in design?
– Yes, it is true! It’s funny that you say that because that’s how I reference
something for my clients. If they’re saying, “Well I
don’t know how much to spend; I don’t know what my budget is,” I think about when
you’re going to a store, and you’re going to an event, how much do you have to
spend in your kitchen? You want to invest in your cabinetry, your countertops; so those are gonna be your two big-ticket items in there. A backsplash, even faucets, even lighting: those are things that you can find online and be able to save some money or go to a Home Depot or a Lowes. Upholstery: your sofas can take
up most of your living room. Or chairs. So for different people, they’re gonna have different
wants, different needs. If you have pets, you’re
gonna want to have something that’s going to stand up to
the test of time with them. If you have children and
you’re thinking about markers and crayons, you’re gonna want to get a Crypton fabric. You’re going to want to get something that has some scrub-ability,
some wash-ability, something that’s not going
to have to be dry cleaned. – So what are the best places for me to buy the more expensive things? What are those expensive
things that are worth buying? – Let’s talk about just a re-design, because if you’re not wanting to get into all the structural changes and all that, most people are wanting to just refresh with fabrics and furnishings. So when I’m thinking
about investment pieces, one thing that I highly recommend is always investing in your
main upholstered pieces. But you want to not spend money that you’re just going to end
up throwing away later on. – That’s so good, so those are the places we’re gonna invest heavily in. So what are the things, let’s
say just like accessories, like more inexpensive things, where are your favorite
places to get those? – Hands down, Home Goods! If you have a Home Goods in
your town, go to Home Goods! – I love Home Goods. – They’re wonderful,
and it’s always changing, so no matter if you need
something that’s seasonal, they have it; if you
want something that is with your own color scheme,
it’s color-coordinated; it’s not hard to do by yourself. So go. Go there and look through the blues if you have blue in your house. And you can find things that
are gonna be inexpensive enough. I like to change things
out with the seasons, too. – So good. I love it; Oh
my gosh, Flo, thank you! – You’re so welcome!
– Seriously, so helpful. I mean, to create a home,
because home is a place that you’re gonna be all the time, right? Before you leave work,
after work, with the kids, your family: it’s a home;
you really want to create something that you love. I’m gonna take your
tips. Use them in my life. – Good!
– When I paint my kitchen a beautiful white.
– A beautiful white. – Thank you so much for coming on.
-You’re so welcome. (upbeat music)

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  1. Awesome video! So helpful and have tons of inspiration! Would you please be able to tell me where the beautiful set of leather recliners at 1:09 we’re purchased? Thank you!

  2. the three places she mentioned were.angie's list, houzz, and tackle? Is it … i can't find that site.

  3. it's tough to be debt free, when you need a place to live and a vehicle, and especially if you have at least one child to raise to top it off.

  4. A home redesign doesn't have to break the bank! Here are some quick and easy tips that will save you money!
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