How to sculpt a bas-relief – 25 great masters of art

Art, one way or another, has an impact on each of us. When we talk about favorite artists, composers or writers, we are talking about people whose works have left us an impression, with a formative effect. In my life there were a lot of such people! And there was a desire to create a series of portraits of masters who have had a special influence on the formation of my own worldview. I chose 5 painters: Leonardo da Vinci Where intuition does not work with the hand, there is no art. Where mind does not work with the hand, there is no artist. El Greco I hold the imitation of color to be the greatest difficulty of art. Rembrandt I can’t paint the way they want me to paint. And they know that too. Of course you will say that I ought to be practical and ought to try and paint the way they want me to paint. Well, let me tell you a secret – I have tried and I have tried very hard, but I can’t do it. I just can’t do it! And that is why I am just a little crazy. Claude Monet The first layer of paint should cover the entire canvas if possible. and it doesn’t matter, how rough it will be applied. and Van Gogh You need to love – love as much as possible. As in love lies a true strength. and the one who loves a lot, he does a lot and is capable for a lot. and what is done with love is done well. My love is not woven from moonlight and roses, and sometimes prosaic, like Monday morning. 5 sculptors: Michelangelo If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. I can’t do anything yet but I know to learn. Auguste Rodin All the great artists are exploring space. It is in the knowledge of volume that their strength lies. Remember one thing: there are no lines, there are only volumes. And when you draw, never think about lines, but only care about the relief. After all, it is the relief that rules the line. Edgar Degas I am always suspicious of the artist, who succeeded before he died. Alexander Archipenko Art is not what we see, but only what we have in ourselves. and Anish Kapoor I think the work of a sculptor connected with space. Something happens to the space, where you are. Time changes. Time, I think, becomes slower. The mystical truth of art – is time.” 5 composers: Mozart Forgive me, Majesty, I am a simple person. But I assure you, my music is not! Bach What I have achieved by practice, can also achieve anyone else who possess tolerable natural ability. Beethoven By who I am, I owe to myself. There are princes, and there will be thousands. Beethoven is only one. But pride is alien to the true artist. Alas, he sees that art has no boundaries. He vaguely feels how far he is to the goal. Chopin Simplicity is the ultimate goal, attainable, only when you have overcome all difficulties. and Tchaikovsky Inspiration is a guest who does not like visit lazy ones. 5 writers: William Shakespeare Why is my verse so barren of new pride, So far from variation or quick change? Why with the time do I not glance aside To new-found methods and to compounds strange? Why write I still all one, ever the same, And keep invention in a noted weed, That every word doth almost tell my name, Showing their birth and where they did proceed? O, know, sweet love, I always write of you, And you and love are still my argument; So all my best is dressing old words new, Spending again what is already spent: For as the sun is daily new and old, So is my love still telling what is told. Pushkin Inspiration is a skill of bringing yourself into a working condition. Hans Christian Andersen – But he hasn’t got anything on – a little child said. – But he hasn’t got anything on – the whole town cried out at last. The king shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought: “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all. Fyodor Dostoevsky Beauty will save the world! and J. D. Salinger You asked me how to get out of the finite dimensions when I feel like it. I certainly don’t use logic when I do it. Logic’s the first thing you have to get rid of. And also 5 filmmakers: Charles Chaplin We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing new worlds are born. Today I know THAT IS LIFE! Walt Disney I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something, than educate people and hope they were entertained. Akira Kurosawa When man is dreaming – he is a genius! Federico Fellini An artist must express himself by doing what he loves, in his own, inherent in him alone style, and don’t compromise. Those who are just trying to please the public, never become true creators. and Andrey Tarkovsky A big clock and a small clock measure the same time. It was difficult work, to choose the dearest names to me. I want to emphasize that the received list – is not a rating of the best, in my opinion, masters, but only the names of the people I feel for them a deep sense of gratitude. They added humanity to the face of the world around me. They helped me learn to love LIFE. In my book: “Sculpture, painting, drawing and not only”, reflecting on the basics of composition, I came to the conclusion that in the composition of each artwork present a component, that I called “The subject of composition”. This is the personality of the author. Working on this project, I am with renewed vigor realized how dear to me the personalities of the artists themselves than theirs, even the most soulful works. Tarkovsky is right: “A human needs a human”. Today, at my meetings with art works, I hear the voices of their authors, feel their real presence. As a child, reading books, listening to music or looking at paintings and sculptures, I was not even interested in the names of the authors. Today I need them for myself, I need a personal communication with them. And I hear. I hear their voices. And I want you to hear them too.

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