How To Sculpt Scenery Using Epoxy Putty – Totem Pole

How To Sculpt Scenery Using Epoxy Putty – Totem Pole

Creating a Museum Quality Totem Pole Using Epoxy Putty Objective, recreate a totem pole for a museum. Totem pole needs to be flame rated. Assemble materials needed Making the foam model Urethane adhesive is applied to foam boards and spread using disposable brushes. 6 foam boards are glued together. Final dimensions 8′ x 2′ x 2′ Weights are used to ensure a good bond Once the glue is dry, the foam is ready to be carved. Design is sketched Using various tools, the foam is carved Sculpting is complete Making a texture stamp using Body Double silicone rubber. Texture stamps are easy to make and are used to create realistic textures. Model is a piece of highly textured river wood. Body Double silicone will be applied to capture detail from the wood.

6 thoughts on “How To Sculpt Scenery Using Epoxy Putty – Totem Pole

  1. Although you are able to recreate anything with smooth on products, making a direct copy of such a beautiful and absolutely sacred artifacts is not cool. Reappropriation is not something that should be encouraged.

  2. Idea/ suggestion, why not have little packets of the epoxy in the bucket that are say – (can be made different sizes ie 4 oz 5 oz 8 oz etc, ) that you just tear open so you can have exact match’s in scale for mixing ) another option for the epoxy ~ full bucket, and packet bucket of the different size packets (like a clear plastic zip bag for food but you just put a certain amount of the epoxy into it )

  3. Iv'e seen several videos on painting on Smooth-on epoxies but have never seen anyone using Primer…is primer not needed or is this step just overlooked.

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