How to Secure Hanging Artwork for an Earthquake

hi I’m John Zarrella unlike other natural disasters there’s no earthquake season so in order to be prepared you have to make sure that everything inside your house is properly secured today we’re going to talk about how to properly secure your artwork pictures and mirrors so that in the event of a earthquake they don’t fall and cause serious injuries and even death secure hanging decorations like pictures and mirrors by hanging them from closed hooks or you can close open hooks with a pair of pliers the number of hooks needed for each object will depend on size and weight and don’t forget large objects are more stable when hung from two books that are sufficiently screwed directly into the studs hooks that are simply embedded into drywall or plaster are likely to pull out allowing objects to fall if you need more information on protecting your home and your family from earthquakes go to flash org and I will see you next time on protect your home in a flash you

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