How To Set a Mouse Trap and Where to Put Mouse Traps

How To Set a Mouse Trap and Where to Put Mouse Traps

I’m going to show how to set a mouse trap and where to place it I’m going to show two different styles of mouse trap the snap trap is the cheapest and most effective way to catch a mouse The bar that catches the mouse is called the hammer, I’m just going to pull it back and grab the corner of it with my thumb and use this retaining
bar to set the trap. On the trigger, there’s a little piece of
metal that’s punched out and we’re going to put the bar on the edge of the punched out metal tab and slowly release your thumb and that will wedge it in place you would put your bait on first. Peanut butter is an excellent bait You want to place the trap perpendicular
to the wall you want to place it in an area where you
found droppings or gnaw marks look for areas where mice travel place the trap in that area you do not want to put the
mouse trap parallel with the wall, because if they come from behind, it will just throw them off. Place the trap perpendicular to the wall, the trigger facing the wall, so no matter what direction they
come from you’re going to catch them. so that’s that’s basic mouse trap This is a pre-scented trap, which is
very popular once you open the package this is
designed to last for six months without having to put bait on it To set this, pull back the hammer, catch the corner with your thumb you want to put the tip of the retaining bar into the back of the paddle you can move the tip of the bar to the right or left depending on how sensitive you want it put the trap the same way
against the wall perpendicular to the wall with the trigger facing tight against the wall after 6 months, if you are sill using the trap or you haven’t caught a mouse the paddle is designed to put peanut butter here, get caught in the small holes, so a mouse really has to work to get it making it very effective at catching a mouse. Snap traps are simple to set and place always wear rubber gloves when disposing of mice

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  1. only thing I hate about the original is when it snaps the part your stick the hook in starts to bend causing the hook unable to go back into the latch

  2. It is not clear how to hook the kill bar.  The bar is slightly bent at the end, and it looks as though you would just fit the rounded part of the metal into the catch on the pedal.  Otherwise, if you lock the kill bar in somehow, it won't snap.  I caught the mouse I was after, (I hadn't watched the video), but it needs to be added that you should use pliers to remove the staple holding down the kill bar before setting the trap.  I punctured my finger removing it.

  3. tell us which side is firm and which is sensitive on the yellow one. the problem I'm having is setting the bar on the Original Victor and you didn't show this

  4. I had a mouse get caught in the trap the other day, and it only caught its foot, and I heard it screaming. I did the only thing I could stand to do, and set another one off around its neck to put it out of its misery. It was a sad thing. I got the scented one now. bigger trigger, less chance anything like that will happen again

  5. I'm glad you mentioned wearing rubber gloves. As an extra tip, you should also wear them prior to handling the trap at set up. Mice can smell human sent from what I'm told & may avoid the trap if they smell human on in it. (Source: Exterminator)

  6. just caught 4 mice with these traps. The only thing that sux is when they shit and piss everywhere when they get snapped. And when they get a direct skull hit u got brain and blood everywhere.

  7. I've experienced mice very neatly cleaning all the bait off traps. I would melt some cheese and force it into the catch/bait holder and put peanut butter on the cheese so they would trip the catch while pulling at the cheese. This has worked but I then tried tying a tiny piece of yarn onto the bait area and worked peanut butter into the fibers with my fingers. That also seems to work.

  8. Pardon my ignorance but what is it that actually triggers the first one, is it the mouse stepping on the plate or the removal of the weight of the bait once the mouse eats it?

  9. I'm having a hell of a time catching one (I hope it's one) mouse at my place.

    At first I used peanut butter. I had several traps out for weeks on end, and with no results. Then, as an experiment, I tore a raspberry up into quarters and baited the trap with that. The mouse loves it. In fact, every day for the past week, I've been finding the bait missing from the unsprung trap.

    I'm mystified. The mouse is consistently taking the bait without setting the trap off. It's done it for seven nights consecutively now. And it's not like the bait is easily accessible – it's wedged right into the trigger. The trap's working fine – I tested the trigger with a pencil.

    I suppose the good news is that the mouse is now trained to find food in that particular corner and doesn't fear the traps. I can only hope it gets complacent after a while.

  10. peanut butter the best bait exactly what my mom uses she also uses those black claw traps not those kind of traps showed in the video

  11. Hi! I've been trying to set up the pre-baited trap, but it keeps going off every time I try to let go. almost got my finger! you made it look easy xD

  12. thank you very much, after i watched it, i followed the instructions and then within minutes boom ..i heard the trap …mouse caught!!! it was 1st time in my live to have a mouse issue in my house!! thank you again 🙂

  13. thanks ,, i had to reload it for 2 days .did what you said, in less that a hour i got the 2 that have been in the walls .thanks

  14. Those Victory no bait (with the fake cheese pedal) traps are the absolute best-the other usual brand in stores in my area I'll see is Tomcat, & it's weird because they look exactly the same but just don't work as well as the Victory.

  15. This was really helpful. I set the trap myself time without snapping my fingers like I was afraid I would do.

  16. Hi, i have a mouse under my sink at present (and a couple of rats in my roof!) but dealing with the mouse under the sink i have laid 2 traps, old fashioned type of traps, and put a small bit of cheese on both of them. The mouse had a great dinner the first night and ate all the cheese and survived to tell the story. The following night i put a small drop of peanut butter on both of them in the correct area and again he had a good dinner and survived. Last night i reset the traps and this time carefully put the peanut butter around the trigger area (very small amount again) and again he has had a feast and survived, hence why i am now googling how to set a mouse trap : ) What is the correct amount to put on the trap, a very small amount or a medium small amount ?

  17. i still dont think these are brutal enough, I hate these little fuckers. I like to catch em, then torture these bastards.

  18. Since I'm 11 and I try to set one the first time today in my whole life to even set a mousetrap or touch one while I was setting it it almost got my finger like it was the mouse almost but good something was there to stop it or my fingers were in the way or else is there was just Blank Space it would have snapped my finger

  19. Thank you for the video!Caught 2 mice not even 10 minutes after watching this video with peanut butter and even bacon!

  20. I just trapped my fingers trying to set one of these, so I poured paint thinner down my vent. Note to self: Do not turn the AC on today.

  21. My bronze colored pick thingy won’t loose itself. The thing you use to choose sensitive or nah. It won’t move. It’s held down by a wire😞😞😞

  22. Jst found out last night I have a mouse in the attic, I called the US Marine Corps and gave them coordinates to my house for Artillery……..let the shelling begin!

  23. I absolutely hate the new crappy yellow plastic cheese imitation mouse traps that always go off before you even lay them down. Pieces of crap almost cut my fingers off each time. Nothing beats the original design. I cant find the original design in my town. This sucks! Why reinvent the wheel or in this case mousetrap?Thanks!

  24. Best Rat bait our there IMHO is Rat Addict. It hammers everything from mice, rats, shrew, voles, chipmunks and red/gray squirrel and there is no poison in it. It's an all natural bait. carries it. BEST BAIT OUT THERE when used in combination with snap traps.

  25. god i just set a much larger and more powerful trap and it was frightening as fuck. you really have to put a lot of faith in the retention mechanism which i sure as shit do not. these larger ones at least really should have a safety mechanism to keep people from fucking their hands up because i can easily see this shit going wrong for a lot of people

  26. If you can't stand those old wooden finger snappers, buy the Victor plastic ones with the rear bale latch and little barrel for cheese. I get many mice with them and no more high blood pressure and nervous breakdowns when setting the damn things.

  27. For Country folks with pole barns: the rolling log water bucket mouse killer.
    If you have dozens of mice in your pole barn, you need this.

  28. This is why God created cats — my citified/indoor cat would not catch mice but last night my barn cat that only loves me, came in, smelled mouse, did a circus run around the house, caught the mouse, stood at door, took it outside, and voila, all done.

  29. GAD DAMN you set that so easy! I am terrified to set mine. I use a knife to keep my fingers away from all surfaces where hammer hits & about have a heart attack when it accidentally goes off. I have used peanut butter in the past but a new one I have tried successfully is TOOTSIE ROLL!

  30. You should also wear rubber gloves when setting the trap; the scent from hands and fingers may scare the mice away.

  31. The basic snap trap usually needs to have the trigger adjusted. Bend the tab of the bait piece more vertical until you can barely set the trigger. Hammer is actually called kill bar.

  32. This trap works just as good!

    Zepol Labs Rat Traps – Big Mouse Trap Snap Power Rodent Killer (6 pack)

  33. Here's one for the record books… after you have prepped the Trap, lean it against a wall on a 60° angle, where the hammer will be triggered downward. My thought was, if it's triggered in anyway it may hammer down on them so hard it might kill them? I have had several lying next to the Trap where this has occurred. I first tried it when I was having a problem with a gopher, and lo and behold I got it. Also, it came down on the upper arm of a rat and killed it! Good luck!

  34. People make it look so easy to set up mouse traps,I can't even set up one mouse trap the yellow plastic mouse trap is the one that i am having problems with.

  35. A mouse got into my snack storage area and I found a bunch of pistachio shells. Mine is a refined furry creature with fine taste for nuts. Of all my nuts he went for the pistachios. Funny. Now I’m gonna try placing trap as you describe, although I favor trapping and releasing in a more humane way. Thank you for posting!!!

  36. I used it and the mice actually got cought on the mice tail and the mic run away with this trap stuck on the tail. I swear I racrord a video. it was so funny. i actually open it up and let the mice go. I feel so bad it was so small and cute lil mice. she was making a cute noise too. so funny and cute.

  37. Thank you for posting this – I was a clueless girl! I was able to set the trap, place it correctly and hear it snap in ten minutes. Thank you!!!

  38. Thank you for the how to video! My mouse is under my bed and he just ran out and now is behind the door! I just put a trap with peanut butter under the bed and it’s like he knows!!!

  39. Damn cat brings in live mouse once or twice a year. can't see it in her mouth when I let her in. I try and remember to look and open door an inch but 2 days ago at midnight I was so tired and didn't have my glasses on and just woke up …….sure enough, she walk in drops it and it takes off to who knows where. SUCKS!

  40. Thank you so much for this video. Ive been trying to figure how to set it for weeks. Thank you for the video

  41. The victor traps with the fake yellow cheese work the best. I set mine on a hair trigger. I've never had a mouse until my cat died last year. I think there might be a connection there.

  42. Forgive me, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around your reasoning for placing the mouse trap perpendicular to the wall with the trigger side to the wall. Your reasoning for parallel to the wall being wrong was "because if they come from behind it will just throw them off." But if the TRIGGER side is against the wall, how does that stop them from coming at the bait from behind?

  43. I find Skippy extra crunchy peanut butter to work better to be honest. Make sure to set the trap first and then add peanut butter!!

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