How to Set Up an Art Studio : How to Protect Art Studio Walls

How to Set Up an Art Studio : How to Protect Art Studio Walls

MATT CAIL: Hello. I’m Matt Cail and, on behalf
of Expert Village, I’m going to show you today how to organize and set up and tame your own
art studio. Now, it could be that your art studio space– you don’t really care about
it. It’s okay. If you get stains on things, do everything but knock down the walls, it
doesn’t matter. But if you actually want to maintain the quality of your space and not
get things ultra dirty, stained, and otherwise ruined, there are a couple of very easy steps
you can do to help protect your art studio space from, shall we say, the damages of artistic
creativity. First off, around your easel or also your table or any area where you have
paint and stuff–I mean, when your brush is flicking motion, you’re getting really into
it, you can have lots of little paint splatters which are going over your here and tapping
the wall, so I’m slowly but surely building up a layer. There are a couple of things I’ve
seen artists put on their walls. First off, I’ve actually seen some people, some artists,
use old palettes and put those up on the wall because, hey, they got tons of paint on ’em.
That’s not really going to hurt them anymore. I’ve also seen people put plastic up or all
over their walls, around their easel area, to protect both the furniture and the walls,
and sometimes the floor. This is a very cheap alternative; just use your basic painter’s
drop cloth. It works for the paint you put up on your walls; it’ll also work for the
art you use–the paint that you use to create your art. Lastly, you can also go and get
some very inexpensive rugs. These are really great. You can get this on discount. Go to
all select, like, a second-hand store. You’ll get lots of really, really cheap rugs. I do
advise washing them or at least leaving them out in the cold to make sure there’s no mites
or the little creepy crawlies on there. This is another nice, very easy way which you can
also make sure that your carpet does not get tons of staining because if you’re painting,
I guarantee you, there will be mistakes, there will be spills, so do the best you can in
advance to cover things up.

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  1. I love your videos. Keep going with them. Can you suggest an easy way to hang your canvases on the walls to work on vs using an easel? I have a small space and think painting the canvases on the wall vs getting another piece of furniture (easel) would work better but am not sure the best way of hanging the canvas so it's steady. Thank you for ideas on how to protect the walls. I needed that advice right now.

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