How To Set Up Your Apartment So It’s Irresistible To Girls

How To Set Up Your Apartment So It’s Irresistible To Girls

Hey, Tripp Kramer here from And we’re gonna be talking about how to make your bedroom irresistible to women and I’ve got a guest that is going to be showing you step-by-step every little detail on how to do that. Basically what I’m gonna be doing is following around with a camera my friend and dating coach David Wygant. He’s going to give you a little tour of his bedroom and exactly how to set it up and what this video was was an extraction of a larger program that I’m putting out about how to have a kick-ass bachelor pad and this was so awesome that I just had to share with you on youtube. So here it is, David Wygant he’s going to be showing you around his bedroom. Learn, take notes, check it out. So now we go to the room and literally stop and look at her and go Ok you ready? Are you ready for it? Because this is where all the genius happens because you know, and the magic because when I’m sleeping I come up with all these great ideas that inspire me to you know entertain my youtube audience and create great dating products for men and women and coach wonderful people like I’m talking about my life. Right, she fucking thinks when I say magic happens immediately she goes to sex. Cliché wise she’s gonna think I’m gonna follow through with that but in reality I’m talking about like fucking a great night’s sleep so I can be like this amazing person for other people, which shows that I am passionate about helping people become great. I’m giving her another insight to who I am as a man, insight into my personality. Wait, before we go in here there’s the bathroom in case you need it. She’s going to go in here. Take a look. There is nothing incriminating in here at all. I have no sexually transmitted diseases otherwise I’d have cream for it. I’m not a prescription drug person. As a matter of fact, I don’t even believe in prescription drugs. Once again she’s going in here and she sees q-tips. There’s nothing incriminating in this bathroom at all. The shower needs to be clean, ok. Take a look at the shower down there. Alright there’s no footsteps, mold, mildew, boogers, dried cum stains or anything else in there. There’s no pubic hairs to be seen. I’m saying this for a fucking reason. If you whacked off in the shower before hand and you hit the wall, the shower fucking And I’ve been to guys’ bathrooms. It’s repulsive. And you fucking jerkoff and you hit right here but the shower water didn’t hit that, that stuff is yellow. She’s gonna know exactly what it is. Which means she’s going to look at you and go fuck, this guy jerks off in the shower before I come over? What a cliché. Toilet there is ZERO pubic hairs on my toilet. There are zero pee pee stains on my toilet. okay she’s going to look at that she’s going to wonder and she’s going to think is he an animal or is he real this is my vengeance now I thought you can’t stand mirror closets ok as a matter of fact I don’t want this live in this place because the mirror closet but then love to watch themselves so there’s a benefit to that your closet my friend is really super important you don’t think you’re making breakfast in the morning she’s gonna go right in here and she’s going to grab a shirt to put on she wants to see how you live and style clothes you have because she wants to know whether or not you’re a man of style or a man that she needs to take and get rid of all the clothes mommy bought you from walmart 15 years ago candles are really important that candles over here that is sitting right here I’ve got another book called the in personal life another book about finding god I’ve got my herbal viagra right there no just kidding just seeing if you’re fucking paying attention the bed is really important this is a damn blue comforter which I got on or one of those or maybe amazon 69 bucks its soft and comfortable here this blanket ok is really fuzzy and warm she can wrap yourself up after sex and go get you food or whatever might be the pillows are laid back there at the art were also shows something read to me is very let’s go have sex fucking color you know there’s a lot of reading my vegetables brown earth tones in my bedroom because i want to create warmth and fire at the same time I want the fireside of her to come out and i also want the war to come out so we got some red right there and then we got some warmth of the blanket there’s an air diffuser which consistently puts great sense of smell I used geranium and rose and lavender mixed together when I have a woman coming over so the room smells like a garden in the middle of summer time this is really great is this is something you can order it’s a massage candle its hot oil you light it and then you pour it on her and you rub her with the hot oil women absolutely what and that is my venture these are some more artwork that I got some artists in Venice but this is the area that if you look down below trip that you’re stepping on more sensation this is like the furry little blanket usually have got hardwood floors I really don’t want to move into this place because I just want carpet at all so i really like the fact that when she gets out of bed she’s feeling this I like the sensations of hardwood floor and then an area rug and area rugs kind of soft and fuzzy is really good something that’s got a lot of you know a lot of you know a lot of feel to it now music you’re thinking right now where’s the music coming from the music is wirelessly coming from the other room i got wireless speakers and i use Spotify so I basically put a mood music honor romantic mix on spotify instrumental songs are amazing move music meditation music during sex is really great you also want a glass of water that’s in here because when you have sex for long sessions with great music playing you’ve got everything right she wants to be taken from fucking three hours guys I’m sorry learn foreplay stop watching porn and learn foreplay do not masturbate important for 30 days and once you’ve done that sent me anymore center of anyone that I get no more glory yes I did it it’s going to bring your sex drive back and it’s also gonna show you that women want to be touched caressed and it’s all for planar everything that I just basically did with you is all foreplay to a woman from the pictures to the smells to the music to the taste to the artwork to the colors everything as foreplay now I own this place the walls would have been painted a neutral color probably a gray or you know or some other earthy you know bluish you know dark blue color i would have had more colors in here with a little more darker here I really like in a bedroom. I love dark walls in a bedroom because a bedroom is for two things, sleeping and fucking. Ok and that’s it. Okay there you go. Pretty intense stuff right there. If you want to check out more of David’s stuff and his youtube channel, I’m gonna put a link below in this video. Here’s what I want you to do. Below this video, I want you to write a comment. What is the one thing that you took away, the one thing that you’re going to implement from this video? Go ahead and write that down. I’ll be in the comments below talking to you. Don’t forget to check out David’s Youtube channel. See you on the next video.

100 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your Apartment So It’s Irresistible To Girls

  1. Agreed with most of what David had to say – esp'lly foreplay. As a woman, I'd like the bathroom to be neater and just cuz there wasn't dried jizz on the shower, doesn't mean it's clean. Only really interesting comment was when he said the girl could wrap herself in a blanket and go get YOU food.

  2. Bathroom is a mess and this guy is as superficially fake as fuck. Btw it's not an indictment on him it's an indictment of the dumb women that fall for it.

  3. My only issue with this is why as a guy do I have to go through all this shit to impress a woman who has nothing to offer me but pussy. I refuse to be in a relationship with a woman who'll force me to walk on egg shells for her comfort. If a broad doesn't like my living situation she can get the fuck out. Simple.

  4. First of all.. that bathroom, despite not having 'incriminating evidence' is a mess… there was piss (or something) on the floor @2:32 and the toilet paper roll is empty… there is a new roll on the back of the toilet, but that just shows laziness. Also, the trashcan is overflowing. Nothing about that room screams 'ladies' man' to me…

  5. The problem is woman don't like being fucked, woman want to be loved and nurtured. If you are out there "hitting up others" she won't feel secure enough and her self esteem will drop too low to even feel hot enough in the bedroom with you. We woman are not dumb, we know the different between staged and realistic.

  6. Learn to clean,cook ,wash and to maintain your home.Dont think of stupid things like how to make bedroom irresistible for women.So that you are going to be a good nice husband,partner or boyfriend.Women need respect , understanding and dignity.A man who understands it is a nice human.Thats it!

  7. how to make your apartment irresistible to women starts in the kitchen .. NOT the bedroom.. instant fail. cook her an amazing meal.. and she will give less than a fuck about what the bedroom looks like.

  8. This video is hilarious. Like others have pointed out, if you've already invited a girl over and she's made it to your bedroom you really don't need any tricks. You've already done the hard part.

  9. Tripp: Great video! You've convinced me to give my apartment a much needed overhaul! Thanks to David Wygant as well!

  10. If it's one thing I learned from this video, it was the closeout. Bedrooms are meant for sleeping and fucking

  11. Women want a man that has a clean apartment/house, period. No clutter anywhere. Clean up all of that clutter in the bathroom.

  12. (2:10) Who the hell cums inside a shower? Why? Something out of American Beauty? And it’s never guys that have to worry about a dirty shower, it’s women meaning…it’s always their fucking long hairs that’s all in the shower. Women are way messier in the bathroom than men. You can have the cleanest shower and 9 out of 10 girls will dirty your clean bathroom quick.

  13. Tripp, I have been following your tips about clothing, food, hair etc – it is all crap. You must make some $$$ out of this, for it is all Mambo Jumbo.

  14. your place was an absolute mess tho, make it so it doesn't look like a bomb went off before you go into the other stuff…

  15. Trust me, when you have a Lady in your Apartment, she will look, check and be very nosey and see how well you keep your crib clean. So if you do have Company, clean up every nook and cranny. In fact the best thing to do for your mattress is sprinkle Baby Powder, then Vaccum then aftewards spray Febreeze. The Sex is also important, don't be a Slam Bam, Thank You M'am, be romantic, massage her, put on some Baby Oil, and then put on some Romantic Music. Whisper Sweet Nothings to her. Then afterwards, you're going to be very Hungry so have some snacks prepared afterwards as well as some beverages.

  16. This guy just conviced me to clean my bathroom (because his is disgusting), stop swearing (because he sounds like an idiot), and throw away every plaid shirt I have (because he's tacky), and no never buy a fuzzy cow skin banket (because it's weird). He makes me ill.

  17. The candles that provides warm oil, that’s awesome I need one ASAP, everything else I’m All over it..
    I’ve been preaching this for years to my buds for years, but by example I’ve made believers when I had a small cock tail party and they headed the ladies talk about my place.. awesome video thank you .. 👍🏻

  18. For a man of his age its a very juvenile room. His bathroom was a mess and I think its funny he keep saying what he doesn't like about his apartment. Why did he even move into it if he doesn't like the bones as much as he describes? He also talks to much and a bit annoy to listen to. Here my tripp advise. Find another guys to look up to!

  19. Talking about sperm stains on the bathroom wall, pubic hairs and peepee stains on the toilet.. who the fuck is this video for, a fucking slovenly loser?

  20. I have always had the feeling that if she digs you, she will do you even in a cave. But hey being clean and organised does more good than harm.

  21. I like how the entire video is just this completely other guy's video, and obviously I'm not going to watch it on the guy's channel who actually made it because I already fucking watched it, so this guy who didn't make the entire thing that I came here to watch gets the click/credit for the whole thing instead.

  22. Meanwhile the place isn't even decorated well. Also too much shit on the bathroom counter, piss on the bathroom floor, trashcan overflowing, and empty tp roll next to the toilet.

  23. You want an inviting vibe and always go with light colored paints because the light colored paint combined with natural light make a room feel bigger.

  24. The challenge to stop jerking off for 30 days. And His definition of foreplay. Pretty interesting view.

  25. I'm shocked. This appartment is not irresistable. The bathroom is super untidy, too much stuff lying around, there are stains on the mirrow from toothpaste, the toilet is open, next to the toilet there are (urine??) stains on the floor, there is trash, it's not esthetically appealing for a tidy girl. The bedroom is ok, but I wouldn't be impressed by the clothes lying on the chair and the full, unorganized closet. So…I'm dissapointed. I thought this video might show some untidy guys how to REALLY impress a girl but no. I think, a girl has to make such a video to show them what many of us REALLY pay attention to. Details 😉 This is very low standart!!!

  26. Sorry but it makes COMPLETE sense that the kind of guy who decorates his entire apartment to please the theoretical women he'll be bringing home is the type of guy who knows all about wank stains in the shower. Have art in YOUR home because YOU like it. Have nice clothes in your closet because YOU don't like dressing 16 in your 20s-50s. Clean your bathroom because you're not an animal. That kind of self-assuredness and confidence is a million times sexier than this guy's try-hard massage oil candles and "make me a sandwich because you're warm" blankets.

  27. I'll be looking more closely at men's bathrooms now. If it's not well organized and clean, I don't care how the bedroom looks. That bathroom was an untidy wreck

  28. The way men think is hilarious also why focus so much on making sure there is nothing incriminating in the bathroom?? Might make one think he might has something incriminating in his bathroom.

  29. There's also zero toilet paper. It's not that hard to change the roll. I'm only going through your shit to find some toilet paper. And that candle would only concern me. How many times have you used that? If you're going to have that out, it needs to be new.
    The entire video is not useless. He creeps me out for sure but it makes sense to try to make your place inviting.

  30. Anyone else think of the horrible costume design of the original planet of the apes watching the dude hosting the video or just me? Lmao

  31. You’re bed is so fucking basic. What did you buy that frame at Walmart? That’s what a girl is gonna think if she goes in this room. Guys, never underestimate the power of a big sexy headboard and more lavishing throw pillows.

  32. Here is a book about finding God, here is my viagra, condoms in there and I always play meditation music during sex??? Wtf

  33. I love how everyone’s mad at the dude bc they look at his chad lifestyle and think it’s gay or unattractive while they’re so insecure to step out of their comfort zone to get women.

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