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Honest Reviews and Advice. – Hold tight, and welcome to today’s video. My name’s James. Today, we’re gonna look
at the murky, misty, dark world of sealing up shower trays. How to seal ’round tray,
and how to seal up. Now luckily we’ve got an old job here where we’re ripping out the
old silicone and all that. So we’re gonna show you
quickly how to do that. I’m not going to use the
traditional, old removal tools because frankly, I think they’re useless. I most prefer to use my little scalpel and a couple of other little
bits I always take with me and my silicone removing tools box. Anyway, I hope you love today’s video. I hope you subscribe to us by
clicking on the link above, you can also click on those links and you can go to our
Twitter and our Facebook. You got any problems you all want to know, then let us know in the
comment section below and as ever, share this video. Remember everyone, hold tight. Right, so here we are
in the very echoey room that we’re in here. If we look closely at the
current silicone situation in the shower, you can see
it’s been in for a while. And as this is a hotel, they also want it to look really good so they don’t get bad
Trip Advisor reviews, that sort of thing. So they rung me up, “Jimmy could you come in here, rip out some of the old silicone and get rid of those silicone base.” So I said, “Yeah, alright, I’ll do that.” I mean, it’s just after
a week of bank holiday, so I’ve been playing
golf for a couple days so I thought, well I’ve been in France, I’m gonna come back now and start the week nice and leisurely with a big silicone insection. Rather than, I don’t know, putting in a pressurised system somewhere or something like that. Which in the moment, would
be like going through hell. So you have a quick learn, now what I’m gonna do firstly is remove the old silicone. I’ll just show you how to do that and I’ll warm out the shower and then I’ll get on to do it all by myself quickly. You don’t want to watch me do all of that, so let’s have a closer look. So I’ve got quite a few
little tools that I use. I mean, I love using my
little window scalpel. That’s brilliant, you can
really shove that into the gaps and try and get stuff out and like that. I even use my floor board jammy. These are actually used mainly to get the nails out of floorboards when you go to put them up. Because it’s got this
angled flange on there, I often like to work along with that. That’s great because it
doesn’t leave scratch marks. Or even use some type of small ruler. The thing is, I don’t tend
to use the special tools that come with it ’cause I’ve just found, over the years, that I
can get a better finish using the tools I’ve got here. So first up, I will use these tools to actually remove any of the main parts of silicone on here. Try and get the silicone off the tallows and off the bottom of the shower tray. And obviously, all out
the corners as well. Just get everything removed, and then once we’ve got all
our silicone out of the way, I’ll use a little bit of CT1’s Multisolve. Which is quite good, that can get rid of any residue parts of silicone. And then give that a good rub down with a bit of paper towel. So there’s loads of different
silicone removers you can use, but they’re only really
used for after you remove the main body of silicone. I find that loosens up
the little bits that left. So once you’ve got a fairly clean park, I often recommend you come
here with a small hoover. Hoover out all the bits
of silicone you’ve got ’cause they might get in the way when it comes to putting
the new silicone on. And once you’ve done that, you’re ready to add
your new silicone base. So let’s do that now. Alright, so now we’ve pulled
out all the old silicone. We can get our silicone gun and run our new beam nice and lightly just along here, like so. Then, I just chose my
profile I’ve got here. And I’m gonna use a nice,
thick, 10 mil profile on this, that’d be lovely on this. Then you run that along there like that. But we don’t use our fingers because if we use our fingers, you get bacteria into this and it will actually allow
it to mould earlier on in its lifetime. So, we just have this here,
nice roll of blue roll, and go along it just like this. Beautiful. Carry on doing that all
’round the shower tray bottom and up the sides. Making sure that you do a nice, neat bead and making sure that
you clean up regularly kinda every six inches as you go along. As soon as you’re done, try and back out of the shower tray without touching any of your silicone and leave it for 24 hours to set. Alright then, so there we go, all done. As you can see, that video
hopefully helped you out when it came to cutting
out your old silicone, getting all cleaned out and everything, giving you an idea of some
sorts of tools you need. As you can probably see there, the window scraper is,
by far, the best tool for getting old silicone off. If you cut the top, then cut the bottom, then pull once cutting the top again, that will come out as easy as you like. And that also gets some
of that really thin stuff that someone might have squeezed out with their fingers in the past. Obviously, I’d always
say use silicone formers because they do give you a lovely profile. It’s regimented, so if you’ve got a shower, a bath, and
a toilet in one place, your silicone beads will
always look the same. They’re easy to clean as well. Just use a bit of that
Multisolve at the end and clean them off, pop
them back in the box, and they won’t go hard with silicone. If you need anymore help,
or anymore information, please visit our website We’ve got links in our and
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subscribe to our videos. That’s massively important. Share the video if you’d like. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook where we share lots of photos all the time and all that sort of stuff like that. Obviously, as you probably notice, it’s the Tuesday off the bank
holiday we’re filming this. So this video might go
out a few days later, I don’t know. But, it is a lovely way to start the week after basically being off work for a week. I had a lovely time in
France playing golf. First day, it was an absolute nightmare being cooped-up in the
van all the way there. I wasn’t driving. But, try playing golf after being in a van for about four or five hours. It was difficult. Second day, we played
Belle Dune in the 2k. Oh my god, what a golf course. Beautiful golf course. Managed to score a fair
few points as well. I mean, I only play with 22s, so I’m not setting the course alight but it’s a difficult course and scoring 33 points there
was pretty god-damn nice. So yeah, it’s been a nice couple of days and it’s nice to just come back and do a nice little bit
of relaxing silicone in. And it’s a nice day as well. I’ve got six more of these to do. Then basically homeward
bound, in the back garden, with a bottle of Peroni and big G. But anyway, until next time. I hope you enjoy this video. If you’ve got any video suggestions or you want to send us
anything on our Facebook, use your mobile phone, take a video of it and send it to our Facebook page and we might use it in our
next Ask the Plumber video. Until next time everyone. And remember, there’s
one thing you gotta do, and that is, to hold tight! – [Voiceover],
honest reviews and advice.

96 thoughts on “HOW TO SILICONE A SHOWER TRAY – REPAIR SEALANT – Plumbing Tips

  1. SO COME ON THEN, how do you guys do it? We all have our own ways! (I mean Silicone sealing of course!) 🙂 PP!

  2. I am ashamed to say I use a wet finger.. I've done this for years and was taught it also when I was an apprentice. I never knew those formers existed until watching your videos. Next on my shopping list.

  3. This looks a lot better than spending an hour scraping at scabby old bits of silicone with a Stanley knife and blade 😀 I'll have to clean up my act next time I clean up a shower/bath. Thanks James, you the man

  4. Alright PP!! I have considered in the past having a t-shirt made which says "silicon sealing does not scare me" but to be truthful it still brings me out in a sweat so maybe not just yet….

    Window scraper with Irwin blade all the way for me, though not seen that retracting version before. Smooth. Then bit of chemical remover if needed, then meths (mostly for cleaning…) then new stuff. Formers much better than finger as gives good decent sized cross section.

    Take it easy!

  5. The new Fugi V set has a guide that helps the profile move neatly over grout lines. I've not tried it yet though to know if it really works – I've only just ordered the set.

  6. I use masking tape to get a nice line, this way I can make the seal big; more seal more sealant to stick to the tray and screen.  Admitadely I have a non germ free finger so I guess I am growing mould. 🙁
    To get the old off I just use a stanley blade, Bloody carefully.

  7. You make it look so easy, but have given me more confidence to have a go at a job I have been putting off for months. Thanks!

  8. Hi where did you buy your multi master tool from? I saw it on one of your videos installing a toilet.. Be great if you get back to me thanks

  9. Got a fugi set the other week and its great! Gonna try out the guide when I do my shower soon, should avoid that little ridge as you go past the grout. Loving your window scalpel tool! Have you got a link to that on Amazon or somewhere? Can't find it by searching window scalpel… HOLD TIGHT!

  10. I've never tried the spreaders, use masking tape but watching this I may have missed a trick here, cheers mate.

  11. Would you seal the tray and the verticals at the same time?  if so how do you stop the Fugi smudging the other bead…? Or is it best to allow one to dry and then apply? Or will this join be an area where issues may develop in the future?The Fugi kits come with little wedges to stop grout lines messing with the seal profile – Should these be used or does this create a place for water to gather..As you can probably tell I'm going out of my mind here….Sort me out with a professional view.

  12. I'm getting one of them silicone formers. Much easier than using my finger and leaves a much better finishes. Cheers matey 🙂

  13. Some silicone is hard to remove. I use WD-40, leave for 10 to 20 mins and then scrape out. Clean with alcohol and then use the masking tape method. Use my finger to work it. Unless you've been putting your finger in some funky orifices just beforehand there shouldn't be an issue with bacteria. A decent silicone will resist that anyway.

    I do have a fugi kit but it can still leave a small smear as the angle is never a true 90 degrees all along. Plus you get the little indent where the grout line is. Although it doesn't necessarily look awful. Each to their own I suppose. Need to do more experiments with the Fugi to see if I can improve.

  14. What do you think to a quick spray of washing up liquid and water before using the forming tool. I have always done it and find it makes the clean up easier with less of the thin film either side of the joint, some people though say you shouldn't do this. Any thoughts?

  15. A paddle works better than your finger. I spray the area after laying the bead with soapy water any mistakes come off much easier. Good video.
    Why are there so many Brits doing silicone calking videos?

  16. I think it would be good to show in this video how you open the bottle and have to cut the nozel at 45 degrees and load the caulking gun.

  17. Thanks for the tips! Just sealed my first shower. A little rough around the edges but happy as a first attempt! All the best

  18. Good. When you back out your shower dont tread on yer car keys! Dust sheet in the tray cos a dropped nail puller can spoil yer day.

  19. how do you suggest doing corners. clean finish with the silicone tool but the corners i find can look a bit dodgy if i dont go over it twice.
    great quick video thanks!

  20. OMG Thank God I watched this!!! My shower has been leaking for 6 months (into the garage below) so I've not used it for six months, had to have baths instead…. But I spent all day cleaning and bleaching the shower today — and tomorrow I was just gonna silicone over the old silicone!!! I didn't think to remove the old stuff! Thanks so much for the tip.

  21. Been to France ….. Yada … yada …. yada … played golf …. yada yada yada …. yeah ok, just get TF on with it and show people how to cut the nozzle at the right angle !!

  22. When Grouting a shower for the first time , should the joint between the shower tray and tiles be grouted or left open to receive more silicone ?
    Also the same question regarding the vertical corner joints ?.
    Many thanks in advance

  23. what is the cleaner to clean the last bits off and keep the profiling tool clean?
    The mumbly jumbly uk accent added to the brand differences between the UK and the US makes hard to know what your on about.

  24. Hello Plumber parts. I just want to ask about my shower. Back in the 1970's when my shower was installed they put in a shower liner attached to the wall with nails. The liner has come away from the wall because the nails heads weren't big enough. So now I'm wondering if I go, remove the nails what should I use instead in a wet environment. Are there caps I can put on the end of screws or something like that?

  25. What a great video. You wouldnt believe the agro ive had in the past trying to silicone. One profiler getting bought. Cheers

  26. Great video, will give it a go. Good to see a plumber not showing his "plumber's crack" lol. Many thanks.

  27. Good tips. I already tried sealing without removing the old silicant. Didn't work. Waste of time and money. This time I have removed the old silicant but not scraped away the excess. Now I'm off to B&Q for a window scraper and one of those smoothing tools you used. I would have used my finger and made a right mess. By the way, I don't mind the banter. Because most of it was at the end. I could enjoy it knowing that I didn't have a hundred more videos to sit through because this one had answered my questions. Mind you I have to admit that at the beginning even the word "hello, I'm John" had me saying to myself "I don't need your name or an introduction to the video, I might have tons more to watch yet'.

  28. Annoying individual.
    "Don't use your fingers" and then 20 seconds later he uses his finger.
    That's why you're playing off 22 at golf.

  29. I've already finished most of the job last night, but not the silicone. Thought I remembered correctly, and I did according to you, but that finger causing problems with mold is a new one for me. Thanks from "Across the Pond".

  30. Use the tool the opposite way first so the chamfer pushes silicone into the joints then use opposite way to finish off.

  31. I'm going to install a new shower tray and enclosure this weekend. I'm using a fugi 5 kit for the silicone. What size do people recommend a use on the fugi blade for the shower tray ,6,8,10,16? Also the same question for silicone the shower enclosure panels?

  32. hey, I need some help. I sealed my shower tray a few weeks ago, I let it set for 24hrs before using it but I has broken away again! any advise?

  33. Recessed joints in silicone where grout line is looks bloody horrible buy your self a CRAMER ORIGINAL FUGI KIT PRO 5 MULTIFUNCTIONAL SEALANT TOOLING KIT you will not get it then a flat constant seal straight across the grout line instead of it being reassessed thats silicone tips for you one more tip for you. You can warm up the silicone or warm up your knife blade its a lot easier to remove then thats my tips for you I am a builder for 35 years now and i have a lot of trade secrets great video by the way keep them up just remember the little things also matter as well especially when you got an eye for detail like I have all the best and take care pal

  34. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

  35. I've read that you should use methylated spirit to clean the area after removing the old silicone and before applying the new silicone is that correct?

  36. Thanks mate, I now feel more confident to silicone my shower tray. I removed old silicon using window scraper as you suggested. The tip to use the blue corner thing – genius! I have one of these lying about from my plastering jobs! Other golden tip was NOT using your finger tips as you immediately transfer bacteria onto the new silicon. Will definitely tune into your site for my next plumbing challenge. Cheers!

  37. I've never heard so much jaw-jackin' in my life…get to it. if you're lonely, find someone who's not looking to you for instructions. you're work is shabby, BTW.

  38. Thanks for this! Been nervous about starting it and wanted to do a pro job to show off to my partner 😆

    What do you recommend when a bodge job has been done on the silicone and it’s a right bugger to get off? I think they used their fingers. Half is peeled off and mouldy, the rest is mega thin and stuck to the tiles so much I can get my tools to scrape it.

  39. for everyone asking, it looks to me like hes used dowsil 785 white bacteria resistant, good stuff i find its the only one that lasts without molding again quickly. you can buy this from mosy diy stores, screwfix b&q ect

  40. Thanks very much for the tips. Been putting this off for a year but today following your tips at last I have got all the old stuff out and cleaned it up ready for the silicone which I hope to do tomorrow .
    The clean edge tool looks a good idea so I purchased one. A tip for others a good newish paper scraper also slices through the old silicone and a screwdrier that fits nicely between the tile and the shower base is good for getting out bits that didnt come out with a pull.

  41. Live and learn , another valuable tip. When removing excess silicone from the edging tool with toilet paper make sure you put the messy paper into a container or a plastic bag. Dont put it on the floor of the shower tray whilst you carry on working. If you have a small putty knife ( looks like a small paper scraper ) you can use that to take off most of the excess silicone on the edging tool and use it to fill in the gap further along the shower tray.

  42. Thank you. Please would you do a video on sealing a bath tub. I have been told you have to fill it full with water to eight it before sealnt is applied. Is this true?

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