How To Stage Your Home for Success

How To Stage Your Home for Success

(Music.) This competitively
priced home is a 3-2, near the beach, and in a great
school district but Noel hasn’t had any
serious offers. Noelle’s listing has been on the
market for nearly 90 days and she
hasn’t had one bite. what’s really great
but I will say that I think the master
bedroom is a bit small for my liking, so I
think from here we keep on looking. If
you’ve ever been in the market for a new
home you know that gut feeling that will
either make you want to love it or
leave it. Um it will tell you it’s in a
nice area but to be honest the kitchen’s a
little outdated so I think I’m going to
keep looking. It’s more than just an
outdated kitchen or the wrong lighting
that can turn a buyer off so to help this
frustrated realtor get her listing under
contract quickly, Designing Spaces is
sending in the Home Staging expert and
author of the first seven seconds
Karen Conrad. Hi Karen. How are
you? I’m Noel,
nice to meet you. Thank you so
much for coming. You are welcome. Wow this is
beautiful. It’s a lovely home it’s a
3-bedroom 2-bath
split floorplan. It’s been on
the market for almost 90 days and I still
haven’t gotten any offers. Wow okay so
what kind of feedback are you getting? Honestly
people are saying that the kitchen’s a
little dated, the master bedroom’s a little
small, there’s nothing specific so it’s
kind of frustrating because it’s not
something I can pinpoint. Okay
so well why don’t you show me around? Sure, I’d
love to. Okay. All right Karen
here’s the master bedroom. Well this is a
beautiful room, you mentioned that in the
feedback the master felt a little small. Yes. It might
be because they don’t see it as a master
suite and so with very little space I’m
going to turn this into a master suite. I
like that. All right should we
look at the bathroom? Yeah sure. The tiles’ nice and the shower
looks fairly new the light fixtures,
people are saying it feels a little small. It is small, and
so we’re going to need to open this up,
also I’ll make sure that the master
bathroom ties really nicely into the master
bedroom. Mmm. When we do that, they feel like
it’s more one-room. Great, thanks. Let me
show you the rest. All
right Karen, so here’s a focal point of
the home, it’s a walk in the front door
the first thing people are going to see. This is the most critical room
for us to take a look at with staging
because statistics shows that the buyer
actually makes a decision in the first 7
to 10 seconds that they step into a
house. we
see she’s got children, so we’re going to
move the children’s items out also
there’s some personal pictures that we
want to remove because we want that
buyer to walk in and see themselves
living here. Alright Karen here
is the second bathroom. This is an
awesome bathroom I like the tile, I like
the update a sink. The fixtures are
awesome but I think we need to get the
kids stuff out of here. we really
need to make this a very spa-like, elegant
and so I’m going to bring in a lot of white
towels and I’m going to bring in some
more greenery and maybe some candles
and just see if we can’t get this looking
really really special. I really really
like this house it just needs some touches
that is going to make someone when they
walk in the house absolutely fall in
love with it. I agree. The only problem I
have, I have an open house this weekend is
there any way you can get all that done in
three days? Well, well it will
be tough but you know what I am ready for
it. Let’s go for it. Amazing. Noel has an open house
in just three days, so I really
have my work cut out for me and I’m actually
really excited to get started so I’m
going to head out and start shopping. Hi Karen! Hi, Noel. I’m so
excited to see you. Thank you. Are you ready to get
this done? Let’s do this. (music.) We are all set to go just in
time. Oh my
goodness look I think your first potential buyers are here. See
you later Noel. Bye, thanks Karen. Hi hi ladies,
how are you? Hi, how are you? Come
on in. Thanks. That was a lot of
work in a short period of time but I
really think it’s going to make all the
difference for Noel. We have
seven to ten seconds to capture the heart of
the buyer and I think we did it. For
more information on how to grab a
buyers attention in that first seven
seconds go to karen conrad dot net. It was
great, it’s perfect for her out of all that
we’ve seen. Right? Yeah.

26 thoughts on “How To Stage Your Home for Success

  1. Very good video in that it practically applies the core basic advantages of Property Presentation or Home Staging

  2. She should have explained why she eliminated some things and then why she added other things. "Why" some things work and others don't.

  3. Personal opinion: It should be up to a professional realtor to tell a client to remove personal items such as family photos and especially kids "stuff" all over the place BEFORE getting their house ready for market. It's only common sense. These realtors, if they expect a quick turn around in sales (and repeat clients), should attend occasional seminars to teach them tips and tricks of home staging. I'm sure it's tough to tell a client to de-personalize their own home, but that they should keep in mind that it as a temporary thing.

  4. Great job! I agree with previous posts, not enough after time. But, then again 5-7 seconds is all it takes buyers to decide…..

  5. Staging sells the home faster, you're competing with other homes, yours must look the best, I'm a professional stager,

  6. Several things come to mind. A homeowner shouldn't be there when it's being shown. The real fixes are painting, furniture arrangement, and serious cleaning. This staging, which she could do herself by removing a few items, wasn't that inspiring.

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