How to Stencil a Feature Wall Using a Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY accent wall decor.

How to Stencil a Feature Wall Using a Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY accent wall decor.

Hi I’m Janna and I’m Greg from Cutting
Edge Stencils. Today we’re going to show you how to create a beautiful feature wall
using a wall stencil feature or accent walls are the latest range in
wall decorating it’s so simple and the results are amazing
here’s what you’ll need your Cutting Edge Stencil a clip-on stencil level a
dance foam roller with rounded ends a stencil brush for edges and corners
latex or acrylic paints a large styrofoam plate low-tack painters tape
and paper towels first make sure your wall is clean and dust free stenciling
over a flat base coat works best mask off the ceiling trim and floorboards
since we’re doing an accent wall mask off the side walls as well it’s nice to
start on a section of the wall that allows you to do an uninterrupted
floor-to-ceiling row this establishes a perfect vertical in which to build left
and right for this wall we’re using our Casablanca stencil slide
the clip-on stencil level onto the bottom edge of your stencil make sure
the level sits firmly against the edge of the stencil flip your stencil upside
down to allow the top of the stencil to get right up to the ceiling crease check
to make sure your stencil is level and secure it with four to six pieces of
low-tack painters tape now pour some of the paint that you’ve selected onto your
styrofoam plate load your dense foam roller by rolling it over the paint a
few times press on the roller as you do it so it absorbs the paint evenly now
blot off the excess paint on a folded paper towel this is a very important
step not to be skipped now roll the stencil with your roller using light to
medium pressure excessive pressure may cause paint seepage under the stencil be
careful not to roll over the outside edges of the stencil you can easily
check how you’re doing by carefully untape enlist in one corner of the
stencil and taking a peek if it’s too pale just put the stencil back and roll
it a few more times back and forth adding slightly more pressure remove the
stencil slowly so the blue tape doesn’t accidentally pull off any background
paint look how great that looks reposition the stencil to continue down
the wall the paint dries quickly so no need to wait this stencil like many of
our stencils locks in with itself simply line up your stencil with the previously
painted parts check for level and continue don’t worry if it doesn’t line
up perfectly and don’t roll over the previously painted areas this gives you
a seamless look and allows you to continue around the room after a couple
of prints you’ll need to reload your stencil roller with more paint avoid the
temptation of pressing too hard on the roller to squeeze out the last bit of
paint now repeat the process until you’re finished no need to clean the
stencil in between repeats this stencil is good for many repeats before it needs
to be cleaned it’s time to clean the stencil only if your paint buildup
starts to compromise the design when you reach the edge simply bend the stencil
tape it in place and roll right into the crease you can get deeper into the
crease with a stencil brush carefully remove the stencil and blue tape to
reveal how clean the edge turns out the same step goes for side walls and trim
rolling into the creases and finishing it off with a stencil brush again remove
the stencil and tape to reveal the clean edges to fill in those gaps at the
ceiling line you can use your large stencil but it gets cumbersome and tends
to flop down that’s why we’ve included this special top part stencil design
just for this purpose align the top part using the painted
parts as registration tape it in its place and roll into the crease and
finish off with the stencil brush remove the stencil and continue with the next
row this simple technique can unlock the door to endless decorative possibilities
especially with cutting edge stencils it’s beautiful made easy

99 thoughts on “How to Stencil a Feature Wall Using a Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY accent wall decor.

  1. I'm so excited to do this to my room! I'm doing it in black and white, but would you recommend doing a whole room that's about 8×8 instead of just an accent wall?

  2. Hi Ashley, I am so happy you're inspired to stencil! For the beginner, I would definitely recommend going with 1 wall. You can always add to it later! But at least you start small, and get to learn the technique before doing entire room. Also, since you'll be using high contrasting colors, please use spray adhesive to reduce the paint bleed. It's always more noticeable for high contrasting colors. ~Janna

  3. Gracias! Nuestra meta es ayudar a puedan hacer decoraciones sin tener que gastar demasiado. Pueden ser creativos con los colores usando los disenos que ofrecemos al igual que es divertido 🙂

  4. ce système est très simple et économique. le tout c'est d'avoir le papier plastique avec les motifs. super!

  5. Hola, usted puede encontrar nuestros diseños en nuestra tienda electronica cuttingedgestencils. com si tiene alguna otra pregunta no dude en contactarnos! Que tenga un buen dia 🙂

  6. Can this be done on a rough wall, like on exteriors or passageways? If then what kind of paints are to be brought?

  7. Hello, usually the stenciling is best done on a smooth wall or wall with light texture. Rough surfaces are harder to work on, due to pain seeping under the stencil. You can try spray painting, but this gives you a certain look, and may not be what you're looking for… Hope this helps! ~Janna

  8. Hi, and thanks for your interest! The colors are: Benjamin Moore paints, HC-2 Basecoat and AF 420 stencil. Hope this helps! ~Janna

  9. Hi Mohamed, no we don't have a physical branch in Egypt yet, but we do sell online and ship internationally! ~Janna

  10. You still can order online at CuttingEdgeStencils . com, and we'll ship to Philippines! we ship our stencils worldwide.

  11. We recommend Benjamin Moore paint called "Ben" in flat. It's less expensive than their Aura line, has a great consistency and dries fast if you stencil over flat painted background. hope this helps!

  12. I just finished  an accent wall in my Bedroom .It looks really amazing. Thank you for good quality product. As an Interior Designer I'll recommend those  stencils to my customers.

  13. Love this idea! I'm thinking if the geometric print in two tones of red with random gold accents. Or gold on red. But that stencil looks much much harder!

  14. this is great, i have a project going that i was unsure of how to approach, and a stencil seemed the best option, but i still had doubts… a few minor things i had overlooked you guys covered, and reassured me a stencil is indeed the way to go… kudos

  15. As a decorater this seems extremely time consuming and taking into account time is money it would be better to cover and entire wall in stencil and spray over it. I love the idea of stencil wall art but this method would drive me insane.

  16. After you did the very first stencil, you turned the stencil right side up on the wall having the leveler at the top instead of the bottom. Does that matter?

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