How To Stencil “Glowing” Rose Wallpaper With Metallic Paint

How To Stencil “Glowing” Rose Wallpaper With Metallic Paint

Hang your floral wall stencil on your
wall with blue painters tape. You can apply spray adhesive to the back of your
stencil to reduce your chances of bleed. Make sure your stencil is straight with
a clip-on stencil level sold at We are going to be
doing a dry brush technique that requires very little paint on your brush.
Dip the tip of your stencil brush into your metallic paint and work it into the
bristles by swirling it around in your tray. Now it’s time to shade the rose
petals to create a glowing effect. Start by swirling your brush with more
pressure and paint on the tips of the petals. Once you feel the petal edge has
enough paint shade your petal until you have darker inner areas. Do this for
every petal no matter the size. Easily align your stencil with the
registration marks. While stenciling feel free to peel back
your stencil to check out your progress.

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