How to Tile a Curbless Shower Pan…Quick Tips — by Home Repair Tutor

How to Tile a Curbless Shower Pan…Quick Tips — by Home Repair Tutor

In our most recent project, we installed a
really cool curbless shower. Now in today’s video, we’re going to give you several tips
on how we tiled that curbless shower pan using a marble mosaic.
As you can see here, we’re just twisting the drain out of its space that was down in
the shower pan. So this is the VIM curbless shower pan drain. You should back butter it
with thinset mortar, but just using the same mortar that we’re going to use for the tile.
And this is a modified thinset. Again, you want to make sure you put thinset
under that drain so that it doesn’t crack when somebody steps on it.
Now, we’re also applying thinset around the drain, but we’re not covering the weep
holes because those need to stay open for proper drainage of the shower pan.
Then, we’re just twisting that drain down into the shower pan recess, and then we’re
making sure that it’s square with our back wall.
The next step was to stagger the pattern of the marble mosaic so you can’t see the sheets.
And we’re also getting a measurement here between our wall and the last sheet that we
dry fit. Now, we’re cutting this with the plastic still on it so that the marbles stay
in place and don’t fall off the mesh. It’s a nice little tip for you using any kind of
marble mosaic, or any kind of mosaic for that matter.
Then we’re going to position it up against the wall, but leave an expansion and contraction
joint between 1/8 and ¼ of an inch. Then we’re going to go ahead and do the rest
of the layout. We dry fit everything, as a matter of fact.
And then we labeled all of our sheets just using painter’s tape and a Sharpie marker.
That way we’ll be able to quickly install these.
We used a modified thinset—as a matter of fact, it was Laticrete’s 4-XLT—over top
of our curbless shower pan. We used the flat side of the trowel first, and then we added
more thinset using the notched side. It’s really important to use the right size
trowel. In this case, we just used a ¼” x ¼” square notch. Then we set our marble
mosaic over top of that, but we didn’t tamp it yet. We just put all the pieces of marble
in place, align them so that we had a good grout joint between adjacent sheets, but not
so much that you would see separation between the sheets. So as you can see here, we’re
just going ahead. We’re laying our marble mosaics, aligning them, and leaving our expansion
and contraction joint along the perimeter of the curbless shower pan. Again, that’s
also very important to consider. So once everything was in place, we tamp it
down using a grout float, and we paid particular attention between the transition of the main
floor and the mosaic to make sure it was flat. We sponged off the top of the marble mosaic
to clean it, but you can also use—as we’re feeling here, we wanted to point out, you’re
feeling with your hand to make sure that you don’t have any jagged tiles coming up—but
you can also use a paintbrush to clean out the grout joints. We like doing that because
marbles are soft tile, so you can actually scratch it if you something that’s a little
bit more harsh. Now in this case, we are using a harsher tool.
This is a carpet knife, but we’re just cleaning out the grout joints with that.
Now, we back buttered all the individual tiles that we had to set close to the drain and
along the perimeter. So every single one of the tiles that we individually set were back
buttered and put in place. So overall, we were very happy with the results
of this marble mosaic in a curbless shower pan. Here’s what the finished look is like,
and the curbless shower overall. Really turned out wonderful, and we’re happy with the
results. Now, here’s the deal. We put all the videos
that show you step-by-step how we tiled this curbless shower pan into the Bathroom Repair
Tutor video library. You can click here to check the library out. It’s phenomenal and
will definitely help you simplify your craft of building custom bathrooms.
Thanks so much for watching this video, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. those weep holes must have all been covered when you screwed that shower drain in with all that thinset on the back…

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