How to Transform a House on a Budget in The Sims 4

How to Transform a House on a Budget in The Sims 4

I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve made a cute little Sims family you know come in and then couldn’t find a house for them on the gallery didn’t want to build a whole new one and ended up just playing in one of The boring base game starter homes and no one wants to play in a boring base game starter home. They’re old. They’re icky They’re dark and that’s just not fun and so today I’m gonna show you guys some of my tips for renovating a boring icky house in the Sims and Upgrading it a little bit and this goes for any house. I’m just a starter home Like if you’re sims have kind of earned a little bit of money and you wanna do some things to upgrade their houses This is what I would do to make a cheap starter home into something a little bit nicer and oh Would you look at that one of my households here Mariana and her daughter? They’re moving to Willow Creek. They’ve got 22,000 samoleons we can afford one of these three houses. They’re all kind of um ugh Icky but they’re also pretty cheap, but we’re gonna pick this one. It’s only one bedroom. We’re gonna renovate it to have two bedrooms So that we can have a room for our toddler and luckily we have six thousand simoleons ish To renovate this house and that’s plenty of money So we’ll move in and I’m gonna have a budget of 5k and we’re gonna try and renovate this house. Okay I’m sorry. First of all, I am NOT Gonna deal with icky cloudy weather make it sunnier outside. But here’s our house as you can see it is really dark inside very sparsely furnished only one bedroom and Um has an interesting color scheme in the kitchen and bathroom But it’s just not enough space for our Sims and there’s like nothing going on here There are a few things that were seriously lacking for example, I don’t know a bedroom for our toddler I think that computers are one of the most important items in the sims 4 we don’t have one of those and Honestly this big long hallway right in the entryway kind of ugly I´m one to talk though, cuz my house has a big long hallway right in the entryway, but like we can fix that here We can’t fix that in my house we can fix it in this one and so we’re gonna spend a little bit of money To try and fix it and honestly you guys my first step. I’m telling you right now. It’s too dark in here We gotta fix that luckily lights and windows are a huge way to upgrade a house with a little bit of money because these lights have got to go it is not the move we Are not using them all these dumb wall lights and everything. It’s not gonna happen. My favorite lights are a base game one They’re a little bit expensive but like them a lot They’re very bright and they look really similar to what like a normal light in my house Looks like like this is the kind of light I have in my house everywhere. Just like a simple not very offensive Big light because I think some of these lights in the sims 4, I mean they’re big they’re colorful and they’re fun But they don’t really work for just like a plain standard everyday room and that’s all we need right now You know and also again They’re very bright because some of the lights they have kind of a very directed light where like with this one You’ll see that it only lights up underneath it. We don’t want that we want these big bright lights that fix the whole room and also windows are super cheap in the game and they’re huge for lighting and also for wall Decorations because wall art and The Sims 4 is really expensive and sort of decorate a room with art on the wall I mean this stuff could cost like hundreds of simoleons Especially the nice stuff and we don’t really have that kind of money right now And so we can use windows to fill up wall space and speaking of wall space I hate medium and tall wall Heights Especially in small houses because it makes the room you have these big big vast Empty walls if we make them a little bit shorter, it just feels a little bit less empty inside You know, it’s a little bit cozier and we can actually work with this now I’ll put some more windows down in a second but we’re actually gonna change the whole floor plan of this house because we only have a little bit of money and we want to Be able to fit in two bedrooms, and I think that we’re wasting a lot of space of this big hallway So I want to flip the side of the house the bedrooms are on basically I want to put them in the back of the build So I’m gonna draw a wall back here and I’m gonna make us have two bedrooms here We’ll have to move some of the furniture around a little bit. But here’s my plan We’ll put the master bedroom in this bigger one I’m actually gonna make the bigger bedroom a tiny bit bigger and then I’ll keep the bathroom where it is But I’m just gonna rotate it the other way and then we’re gonna have this whole space here a big open area So I kind of just blocked out a bit but all the rooms are in the back because I’m we’re gonna have a big open space In the front of the house that we can use for a living room and dining room, obviously Our furniture is kind of all over the place right now, but we’ll put some doors down and I think this already made a huge Difference in the build there’s plenty of space for the kids and the mom to sleep and then we have this space over here I think what I’ll do is I’ll put the dining room in this area like this kind of little open area We´ll have a living room and look at that fancy open floor plan And we barely spent any money and we just built some walls now another thing this door We can Center that finally with the staircase because gross and we’ll repaint all the walls to just match the same color for now We’ll change the color scheme in a second. But I think that already made a big difference Okay next I wanna make sure we actually have all the items we need before I spend any money on like cosmetic things we gotta make Sure. We actually have a functional house. So we have a toddler, which means we need to have a bathtub so unfortunately Our shower is gonna have to go and we’re gonna replace it with a combo tower tower shove a combo tower shove now the combo shower and tubs are a little bit more expensive they’re like 845 simoleons, but Showers are a lot faster than baths for your adult Sims and your toddler needs a bath So we kind of have to like eat that cost but it’s nice and it makes it the place look a little bit fancier Right like it’s worth it. It’s worth it. I’m gonna delete all the windows on the side of the house We’re gonna redo them in a second Once we figure out what we want to do with these rooms but like I said Windows are a huge way to make the place look better and then of course our toddler needs some stuff So we’re gonna give her all the things that she requires for example a toddler bed. Maybe even a little bookcase We’ll keep a high chair in the hallway. I’ll put the toddler potty. Can I fit it inside of the bathroom? We’ll decorate them in nicer places as you second, but we’ll just place the items we need for now I think I want to put this dollhouse down because one it’s kind of big and kind of cheap So it fills up the room we can get the imagination skill from it Also toddlers need a bear you get social skills so fast from bears in the sims 4 it’s so useful and I want to pick one of these as well the nesting blocks and then we should be able to cover a Lot of our toddler skills. We’ll just um reorganize that room in a second I mentioned it earlier but computers are huge in the Sims 4 and there are a little bit more expensive than a TV costs But honestly this computer 300 more simoleons than this TV. They have the same fun and Reliability level, but you can do so much more with a computer So your sims can get in fun at the same rate just by like, you know, playing games on it and stuff But they can also work, you know They can be programmers or writers or whatever and they can do so many more things on a computer than a TV So often times in cheap houses I´ll opt for a computer instead of TV, but for now We’re gonna try and have both I don’t really know if we can afford this super easily But we’ll try but now we have everything we actually need let’s do some cosmetic upgrades Okay step one the wall color is Ugly and also expensive we can cheapen the wallpaper to one of these two simoleon ones and we’ll earn some money back Which I think we could use right now I’m gonna do the same thing with flooring if we put carpet in the bedrooms we can get some money back off this expensive wood floor and We could even pick the cheapest wood floor instead and earn some more money back It’s those little things we’re like, it’s kind of a downgrade on the flooring But this way we can afford like some decorations, you know And then you can change the floor later on when you have some more money because it doesn’t really make that big of a difference You know as far as the floor coloring goes But I want to talk about the kitchen for a second because it is a mess in here and we are not gonna live like this So I’m gonna change it around one cuz the archways in a different spot now So we have to kind of move some things around but let’s just start for starters. We’re not gonna have that yellow appliance That’s horrible. I’m also gonna add an extra counter because I think it looks a little bit nicer So I just made a few simple changes with like the layout of the kitchen. I think it looks a lot better already We can’t really afford cabinets But if we could I might just put them on the one side like just on that wall and if you use this button You can make it so you can have all the counter pieces and you can kind of change around which ones you want And so you can sort of vary the different shapes you’re using and I think that makes a big difference They’re all the same price, but you can kind of like get access to different kinds. It looks nice I don’t know if we can actually afford those cabinets, but we’ll keep them there for now we can’t afford many decorations either but I might just put in a couple things like a fruit bowl and a plant just so it Doesn’t look quite as empty in here Maybe a rug on the floor in front of the sink and then of course we can change the tiles I think that looks a lot better and it’s just like some simple cosmetic changes, you know, I’ll use that same tiling in the bathroom As well and we’ll scoot the toddler potty back a little bit make it maybe a prettier color So purple is always fun and probably put a window in there because again, we don’t have much money But we can at least afford windows They cost like 35 simoleons for these cheap ones definitely useful to keep in the build. Now the living space is something for sure I would pick a rug. It makes the room seem more full It kind of like defines that little space you’re using as a living room I kind of want to use a square rug but this one’s a little bit expensive. Maybe we won’t use it. Dang it now Here’s a fun tip You can size up and down objects in the Sims 4 and sometimes rugs are just a little bit too small But if you use the bracket keys on your keyboard You can size them up and sometimes it looks really good and works very well for your space Especially for things like rugs sometimes plants paintings You can take like a really teeny tiny painting and make it like a little bit bigger to fill up the ball more But not be more expensive so we could use this cute little rug and then have you know, something really cheap on our floor But also fill up more space I feel like for this house We have to pick a green couch, you know, I mean with the green windows and stuff. We just we got it We got to make it work. Honestly, we can make this be green too. No, I’m sorry. We won’t do that Just the way no, this has to go. I’m sorry. I can’t deal with that I wanna put a cheap coffee table down and honestly I like to use one of these sort of tables one of the console tables that are a little bit taller To fit the TV on now, unfortunately TVs don’t actually slot to them, which is really annoying but if you type in the cheap bb.moveobjects on You’re able to move things like this kind of wherever you want and then you can take them and if you press the 9 key You can raise objects up and then you can sort of place it to the right height Without it actually Slotting there and I think that looks cute and we can put some things like maybe a big plant in the corner to fill up A lot of space. This is one my favorite plants in the game. I think it’s really cute And if you’re feeling extra crazy, you could even put some things like curtains down maybe some more windows You know fill up the space a little bit No, I kind of want care that has some more color because right now this space is a lot of beige But see chairs can kind of start to get a little expensive These are technically patio chairs, but I actually really like them. I don’t know what it is I think they’re cute and I have been known to use them inside of houses before but since I’m so worried about budget I think I’m gonna go for a slightly more expensive table make it be glass and then just pick some of these cheaper chairs I’m also only gonna put four because like I said, I’m a little bit worried about budget, unfortunately I think must pick a cheaper plant this plant Super cheap works for a lot of places we might have to use that one in here for now Also this plant super cheap and big so it works in a lot of places, too I think that if you can make cheap plants work, it fills up space as well and they look nice also I’m not ashamed of using the same plant twice in one room, like sometimes you just got to do what you got to do Okay things like plants and lamps can be really cheap ways to add little touches to rooms like this and now we are left with the Bedrooms, which we have to make some very cheap adjustments to I really want a rug and luckily this one’s kind of cheap I like to put it in kids rooms cuz it is so cheap I think we’re gonna have to pass on the bookcase though, which is so sad But I’m gonna replace it with this this little toy box because it looks kind of like it could be a nightstand But also it adds a lot of toys for your sims to play with and I think that room while sad and kind of empty looking Is the best we can do and I want to just put some cheap side tables in the master bedroom Maybe a big rug similar and then cheap a tiny plant and a tiny lamp On the bedside tables. I’ve went a little bit over budget, which I feel bad about But listen, I really need a mirror too. It makes a big difference. Okay, and one of these plants, I’m sorry This is why I’m starting to think we shouldn’t have picked these you know, what? Yeah, the cabinets have to go You gotta make sacrifices sometimes but that is the whole inside renovated Unfortunately, the outside is also a nightmare and honestly this landscaping is god-awful Just make it go away I’m going to show you guys quickly how to landscape on a super super low budget Because that is just bad and such a waste of money. I’m also gonna delete the whole terrain paint cuz that’s just awful, too What I’m gonna do is move the lot over a tiny bit to make it a little bit more centered see you undoing the outside last because I want to make sure we had the most of our money spent on the inside and then we can spend a tiny bit of money to fix the outside a little bit of terrain paint to make a little sort of walkway into the front of the house luckily there are some very cheap trees in the base game like this Hawthorn tree only 85 Simoleons so we can put that in the front. There may be another one on the side of the house No, this whole house exterior could use big big makeover So I’m gonna start by changing the fences in the front because again, these front fences are awful and very expensive So if we change them all to upgrade it to be a little bit less green you can save a bunch of money and also make it look a little bit more modern and now I like these little Spandrels they’ve done as much as the next guy, but I think that they could use a bit of an upgrade too so I’m putting the cheapest white ones instead and I’m just gonna change the entire trim of the house to be white instead and I Think it makes it have more of a quaint little like look at my cottage type of look instead of the green Look we had before and if you can’t afford the spandrels, honestly You don’t need them at this point every hundred simoleons matters, you know, I also usually when I’m making a house like this I like to have the overhang there so you can see if you just take this click on the roof piece and pull down the Overhang, I think it makes it look a little bit better obviously up to you I just prefer that look on my builds instead of a spandrel type look and I think Patios are a great place to put any kind of like weird skill building things you need So for example my Sims a painter she needs an easel having it on The front patio is kind of cute if you want to put like a chess table in the front of the house things like that are good to fill up patios and Also like it’s a good spot You just get it out of your house and have it Outside and it’s still covered so they won’t get rained on you put maybe like a little mat in front of the door Cheap light outside stuff like that makes a little bit of a difference and then of course we have to landscape But cheaply I like these plants ice filler Because they only cost like 55 simoleons and you can kind of use them to like fill up the lower Levels in the front and then in the back you can pick some bigger flowers and stuff Obviously flowers are kind of expensive so you want to do things like size up one of these little Daisy bushes They’re only 35 simoleons. So you could like size up a couple of them and use them as landscaping Look at that bushes on a budget Maybe a little bit of terrain paint under them. Oh my god the terrain pink which is so annoying The terrain paint is free. You always change roof textures, too If you want to add like a completely different change roof textures wall colors all of that really transforms a house Obviously, I mean you can make it like unrecognizable this way, you know But with that you see we still have like 13 hundred simoleons left You have a super cheap renovation all base game of a starter home It only takes a few thousand simoleons To like upgrade some of the basic empty houses we have in the game and now it’s two bedrooms And you have some money left over if you wanted to add some more things or in case you had to pay bills or whatever But there you have it lil simsie´s pro tips for being cheap in the sims 4 if you like videos like this Let me know because I want to do more kinds of pro tips for building in the sims. I love this kind of thing So if you like it too please tell me but with that being said Please make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and in case you guys didn’t know I post new videos every single day. And so I will see you all tomorrow. Bye everybody Please subscribe to me. I mean it when I say that please please subscribe also, follow me on Twitch, please Okay. Bye

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