17 thoughts on “How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain — by Home Repair Tutor

  1. Great Vid. I have done some stuff on my own and I did not now how to get the pop up drain off. Thanks, i did not want to possible create more work for me by breaking something going to try this tonight. Thanks 

  2. yeah I just unclogged mine as we just bought the place and seems the lady before us had never cleaned it. Thankfully the way this drain was it was all caught right at the opening pretty much so was easy enough to unclog by simply removing the tun stopper as our had the type that you twist the stopper in the floor of the tub and it just drops into place and then just life and turn it to open the drain again. Once the hair was removed drained perfectly again!!

  3. My lever plunger thingy won't come out. I can move it up and down, but the stopper prohibits me from pulling it out. What do I do?

  4. Clogs like this are exactly why I always brush my hair before getting in the shower. Though a few hairs slip by every now and then and eventually lead to a clog. Your video helped me get most of it out. Thank you! 🙂

  5. hi i just have one question. do you need to unplug the stopper in order to remove the hairs? because when i reach into my drain there are to hairs to pull out

  6. All right, a challenging problem. Bits of leak sealer are in the bathtub drain – probably deep into it and blocking it. I used an auger to try to get into it but the problem is that the drain has a steel divider-separator that is fixed and cannot get pulled off. The auger's front end is too thick and when I tried to push it into the drain…I cannot get it into the deep part of it. And so, I cannot get the auger's front end to go deep into the drain to remove the clog. So for now, I am using Liquid Plumr and boiling water to temporarily make the clog better.

  7. Thank you so much for  your videos! I have one question. How do you go about unclogging a bathtub that has a push type stopper on the base of the tub? Are those normally easy to remove?

  8. I don't have that type of drain setup. My drain trap is constantly getting stopped up, i use drain cleaner but i guess I'm gonna have to get a snake.

  9. When you pull the hair plug out, do so gently and try grabbing it from different spots so that you can pull the whole thing out without having it breakup while pulling on it. Otherwise you might not get the whole plug out.

  10. thanks for the video!
    i don't know if you'd field a question but here's one just in case 🙂

    i have a bathtub that was probably installed in the mid 60s with an addition on the house. cast iron.

    i used it regularly, four or five times a week, for a bath for four years. never had a problem with draining. then, switched to a showering at the gym and have hardly used this bathtub for three years. we had a local energy saving program that came and installed new shower heads (among other things) so i let them put one in this bath, even though we hadn't been using it. when he showed me around to the things he'd done, there was standing water in the tub. WEIRD. it slowly drained out

    today, i took a couple gallon jugs of water in there (with a five gallon backup) to see how much water would go down before it backed up…less than a quart, maybe a pint

    since i wasn't thinking about it, it never crossed my mind that the water in the trap would dry up if i didn't make sure that it didn't.

    i wonder if some critter or critters could have made a home down there and blocked it?

    i'm going to try and enzyme cleaner tonight

  11. i tried pulling the over florw valve out and its stuck i dont want to pull too hard and break the cable and lose the float?

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