How to Upload Your Art to Redbubble || Print on Demand

How to Upload Your Art to Redbubble || Print on Demand

Hi everyone! In today’s video I’ll show you how to upload
your artwork and designs into Redbubble, which is a print on demand site that will handle
the payment, fulfil the orders and do the shipping for you. I’ll also talk about what’s going on with
this channel at the end of the video so stay tuned till the end if you want to hear that. To upload your traditional art to Redbubble,
you need a high resolution scan or a photo of the artwork. I usually scan my art in 600 dpi resolution
and edit the levels, white balance, sharpness, brightness and contrast with GIMP, which is
a free image editor and I have multiple videos on my channel about how I edit my art if you
want to see that. You can upload the image in png or jpg format,
but for some products you’ll need the png (or ping, however you want to pronounce it)
format so you could select that from the beginning to upload to all products. If you want to make a cutout version with
a transparent background for some products like stickers, that has to be exported in
png format for the background to stay transparent. I do also have a video on how to remove the
background in gimp. You can change the image format for specific
products if you want. I might for example use the artwork as it
is for t-shirts and wall art, but then remove the background and turn the art into a pattern
for others like throw pillows and laptop skins. You can also change the background color and
the placement of the image within the product. If you want the same background color for
different products, just copy the color code and paste it into the other product. If you manually change the placement of the
design horizontally, you might still want to use the button to center it vertically
or vice versa. As I said, if you have an image that would
make a good pattern, you can do that in redbubble too. You can choose whether you want it repeated
as a regular grid or an offset grid. I’ve also made a few videos on how to make
repeating patterns with GIMP, if you want to know more. When you’re done with the product designs
or while they’re uploading, you’ll need to fill out the title, description, tags and
category. You can use google trends or some other keyword
research tool to find good tags that suit the topic of your artwork. By comparing possible keywords, you can find
the ones with the most search volume. You can also check the most popular related
searches or related searches on the rise. I keep the title, tags and keywords in a notepad
file so I can easily copy-paste them in, if I’m uploading another similar artwork or
uploading the same artwork to a different POD site. Once you’ve uploaded the artwork, there’s
also a quick edit function to change the available products, title and tags, if you notice that
this design doesn’t look good on one of the products, for example. The upload page will not show you all the
products individually so that might happen. You can get there by going to manage portfolio
and quick edit. So, that’s how to upload your artwork and
designs to Redbubble and now let’s move onto the little channel update. I think the last video was number 200 on this
channel, so I’ve uploaded 200 videos in about 3 years and 3 months. I used the make 1 video a week when I started
if that, but for the last year I’ve done 2 videos a week whenever possible. I did miss last week’s second video, because
my new laptop broke. I think my last, cheap laptop lasted like
6 years, but the new, most expensive laptop I’ve ever had broke in 4 months. Anyway, it’s being repaired as I’m recording
this and hopefully I’ll get it back soon and it won’t affect my video schedule anymore. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up
with two videos a week for the whole autumn, but I was hoping to do till the end of august
and then drop it one a week plus an occasional extra video. Thank you so much for watching this video
and see you next week! Bye!

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  2. Links to other videos I mentioned
    How to edit art with GIMP:
    How to make a repeating pattern with GIMP:
    How to remove the background with GIMP:

    And here's my Redbubble shop:

    The video includes footage recorded with two different screens so I resized the bigger resolution recordings to 1600 x 900 px and the quality might be uneven.

  3. Can I choose more colours for a t-shirt etc. on Redbubble, or I can only choose one colour for each item.

    And if I can choose only one colour, can I repeat the upload for the sam design but choosing an another colour. Thanks

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