How To Use A Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

How To Use A Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

Hi I’m Colby with Del Mar Fans & Lighting
and I’m here to talk to you about using a ceiling fan blade balancing kit.
Use a ceiling fan blade balancing kit as a last resort.
If your ceiling fan wobbles head over to our How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan video and
try those methods. After trying those methods if your ceiling
fan still wobbles then continue watching this video on how to use a blade balancing kit.
First, identify the fan speed that causes your fan to wobble the most.
This is typically the highest speed. You’ll use this speed when testing the clip.
You’re going to need a ladder and a blade balancing kit.
If you don’t have a blade balancing kit then you can click the link above and purchase
one from us. Let’s get started.
Turn off your ceiling fan and place the balancing clip on the rear edge of your blade between
the holder and the tip. Turn on the fan to determine if the wobbling
had improved or worsened. If there is no improvement, turn off your
fan and move the clip onto the next blade. Then turn the fan back on and see if this
is the blade that is unbalanced and if it isn’t, repeat on all your blades until you
find the one that is unbalanced. That’s still not it.
We’ve identified the unbalanced blade. With the clip on this blade the fan wobbles
the least. Now find the exact location of where to place
the sticky weight by moving the clip up or down the blade based on how balanced it is
when you turn it back on high speed. Press a balancing weight on the blade center
line directly in line with the clip. Press the weight firmly to ensure it attaches.
Then remove the plastic clip. Turn your fan back on to the highest speed
and confirm that it’s balanced. This one looks pretty good.
Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of our fan blade balancing kit
video. Thanks for joining me here at Del Mar Fans
& Lighting. Bye.

35 thoughts on “How To Use A Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

  1. Great video boss! I like that you didn't waste a bunch of time didn't try to sell too much and didn't say too much that was going to confuse normal type people. Great video! Good knowledge!

  2. hi just saw you video and it looks easy but i noticed on my fan that not all the blade are level. when i turn the fan on i can see that one or more blades are higher than the rest. my question is will the kit still fix the wobble?

  3. Thank you so much!!! You rock dude!! simple, easy to follow instructions any blonde can follow!!! ha ha! Your advice worked like a charm…idiot boyfriend couldnt fix it for 2 years….simple 3 dollar kit and waaaa laaaa ceiling fan is fixed and stupid boyfriend kicked to the curb too!! ha ha

  4. Does it matter on what balancing kit to order for a fan? I have Hampton Bay, can I use your kit? And also thank you for your video very quick and easy

  5. I have purchased over 20 Emerson Ceiling Fans over the years and None of them had balance issues..
    They all ran smooth and quiet.. In ceiling fans, it appears you get what you pay for.
    Pretty much every fan from the big box stores is going to be crappy level chinese junk.. And of course out of balance..
    Good luck with this !

  6. I have always had a hard time trying to balance the blades of a fan, this video really gave me good tips on how to troubleshoot the issue, tks

  7. Thanks for your video, my fan came with instructions no pictures, so I wasn’t making progress. Now, my fan is working perfect. 😃👍🏽

  8. AMAZING a guy can make a 2 minute video an give all the details in that short time.
    I wish more Youtubers were like that.
    Great video thanks.
    My reply took longer then your video lol

  9. Thank you so much, I bought one with 5 blades and it worked fine at once, so I bought a second one and the wobbling became an obsession till I came to watch your video, simple, clear…you deserve an Oscar from the "Fan" Club.

  10. I watched the first video and used this balancing kit. The noise is gone, but the fan still wobble just a bit

  11. Thanks for a short and to the point video. My new ceiling fan came with a balancing kit, but the included directions were confusing.

  12. Help!!!! I have put up a huge 132cm fan in our bedroom. All the other fans around my home balanced well but this seems to have the same wobble regardless of where I put the balancing clip. I've even tried 2 clips.

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