How to Use a Miter Saw

How to Use a Miter Saw

For a faster, more accurate way of cutting
boards to length, the miter saw is just the tool you’ll need. You can use it to make
straight cuts and angle cuts so it really does make a lot of woodworking
and home improvement project that much easier and more efficient. As with any
new tool, you really want to get to know the machine and all that it can do so read
the owner’s manual. You also want to use the proper safety protection and with the
miter saw, you want to be sure to wear safety glasses and ear protection. As for the saw itself, it’s easy to power on and off with the
trigger switch. You have your blade and your blade guard and then the base of the
saw is easy to adjust for those angle cuts, as is the head of the saw
for a different variation of angle cuts. To operate the saw you want to place your board
firmly onto the base and back against the fence. You always want to keep your
hands at least six inches away from the blade. Bring your board to the saw and then lower your blade and adjust to make sure you have the teeth right
where you want to make your cut. Pull the trigger to turn on the power
and then gently lower your arm to make your cut. And then once you’ve made your cut you want to release the trigger and make sure the blade has stopped before you lift it back up. To make faster, more accurate cuts you
can create your own guide. This is a two foot strip of
quarter inch plywood and we’ve cut it to the same height as the fence on our saw. We’re going
to secure this to our fence with some of this double-sided carpet
tape. Once it’s in place, you want to cut right through it. Now you can just bring in
your board and line up your mark With your guide, you don’t have to check
your blade every time. Here’s a tip for when you have to cut a lot of boards at
the same length. For longer, repetitive cuts, use the adjustable stop on your stand. For your shorter repetitive cuts,
use a line on your guide. When you need to cut down longer boards
it’s important that all parts of your material are resting either on your support stand,
if you have one, or on blocks that you have set up on your work
surface. To make angle cuts, it’s as easy as adjusting the angle gauge on your
saw and making your cut. The miter saw is so versatile and as you can see, easy to use.
You will soon realize how this tool can help a lot of your projects
come to life.

6 thoughts on “How to Use a Miter Saw

  1. It may just be me, being almost 60 years old and being a chick to boot, but I felt I missed a lot the first time I watched this because it went by so quickly.  (Did I mention I'm blonde too?)  well, with all my handicaps I did learn a few useful things to help me along for my next project.  I can show off the knowledge (thanks to you) when my b.f. visits from L.A.  He's going to be blown away that I even know what a miter saw is.  LOL  Chicks rock.  Even if they're almost 60.  Yea us!

  2. Could someone tell me why it's important to let the blade spin out before lifting the saw up? In some other vids (such as WWMM), people lift their saws almost immediately after sawing. Is this bad for the saw or unsafer than waiting? Thanks in advance.

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