24 thoughts on “How to Use an Airbrush

  1. The first airbrush ever was ur mouth. Cave mans put paint in their mouth and blow. haha thats what she said.

  2. depends on if your painting gunpla(gundam model kits) with a air brush the painting process is alot easy and the end result seems to be a alot better

  3. Actually the first airbrush I knew of was invented somewhere around 40 to 150 Thousand years ago when the Australian aborigine blew chewed up oakum (a red paint) through a hollow reed, to paint on a cave wall. That made it a single stage internally mixed air brush, that made paintings that you can see today. Ha like blackedo23 says. And were so smart.

  4. Learn something new everyday I always thought a frisket was some kind of treat or snack you can buy from a convenience store you know like a Triscuit

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