How to Use Printable Art – Digital Download Tutorial

How to Use Printable Art – Digital Download Tutorial

Hello there and welcome to my shop, My
Imagination Prints on Etsy. And, as you can see, I am Dana G. and what you see
here is a collection… These are all digital prints. As you can see, it all
says printable art and while people might like the designs they may or may
not know how to use printable art. So I thought I would do a little tutorial and
this way if you find something you like then you’ll know how to use it. So what
I’m gonna do is quickly show you – let’s just say you want to go to, I don’t know,
I chose Nations Photo Lab because I like them and perhaps you wanted to get
yourself a little wood photo magnet – or you can even do this, say, with a canvas.
So you would go to “customize now” and you would cover (nope I don’t want to recover
the unsaved changes). So let’s just say you bought a download and in
this case we will choose this one “solutions to life’s problems lie in creativity.” I’m gonna open up the 10 X
10″ here – and these are high-quality dpi high-resolution images. Alright, so what
you would do is you would add it, okay, and then you can do stuff here. You have
your editing options, that kind of thing. You can
always delete it and try a different one. However, this one is sized to upload
perfectly. I mean, I created the square to go with the square and what you would do
is you would simply preview it and that’s what it would look like. So if you
went ahead and did something to the effect of, I don’t know, if you wanted to
create say like a canvas, you know you’d go maybe to wall decor, you can go to
canvas prints. They always have coupon codes, which is pretty cool, I like that. But I went ahead and I got
to the canvas prints. Okay, so what you would do is in this case we’ve got a
square print. I’m just gonna go ahead and go say with a 10 X 10″, Alright, so I’m
gonna choose the 0.75″ depth, which just makes it a little bit thinner, and we will customize that and I’ll just go with a white
border. You would go back to the device, maybe we’ll choose a different
design this time, maybe we’ll go… Let’s say, go with maybe… You’re an Aries and you want a piece of artwork that
represents some of your best traits. Okay, so it uploads perfectly. It really
doesn’t have to be resized or anything like that, and then say you want to go to
preview and that’s what it would look like on your wall. So you would
just order it and obviously use whatever coupon codes you can find (they usually
have them). So like I said, I just wanted to walk you guys through this little
tutorial on how to use the digital prints here, and I hope you found this
helpful. They do come in several different sizes. I’ve created some that
have a square design and others that come in a portrait. So I hope you found this helpful, and I thank you for visiting my shop.
Until next time, take care.

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