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  1. I find that one of the most important things to remember when block sanding filler is to use a coarse grit sandpaper to get the filler flat before going over it with 180-220. If you start out with paper that is too fine you filler with turn out wavy.

  2. In my country, we put under body filler, an epoxy primer (for optimal antirust protection),
    Why most of people in us never do that? I know that body filler has better adhesion to metal, than to sanded paint.

  3. 3 Pointer….Many body filler have zinc, which aids in corrosion protection, but I agree, epoxy is excellent. If I have a lot of metal, if blasted for instance, I would epoxy the bare metal before doing the body work. Great tip, thanks for sharing.

  4. Donnie your videos are very informative and more professional than a guy out there that has auto body videos in a web page and charges 179.00 USD for the VIP access. I went to school for auto body in high school back in the 90's. Now I'm learning to airbrush and Iove your videos. Thanks.

  5. I am glad you like the videos. I am in the process of making the videos with better audio and visual. It'e been a learn as I go process on the video editing. Thanks for watching!

  6. I never knew about the glazing….now I do….I always wondered how they went to ultra smooth fiber/bondo to paint…I just could never get there…now I know…thanks man…you're the best…

  7. hey im not the best at body work but i can make do, i could never get the bondo completely smooth no matter how much i sanded or what grit i used.now i know about this glazing putty which is awesome. Thank you so much!!!

  8. Hi Donnie,
    The glazing putty you use looks like a thin bondo. The glazing putty I know is the red kind in a tube made by Bondo. Is the glazing putty you use the same thing?

  9. The red putty is a little different. That is a 1k product. The product I am using in the video is a 2k product. The 2k dries much faster and does not shrink like the 1k..

  10. Hey Donnie. enjoying the vids. self taught body and paint guy working for my dad who has a small car lot that keeps me employed buying auction rides cheaper needing body /rust work. continually learning new things. I always take down to 320 before prime. Not nessasary? Btw…We got the same color works poster behind you. Had to cut off the 2012 calander though 😉 Keep up the vids

  11. Hello Donnie .. I want you to made one Video that explain step by step How to paint a car and what is the product you use …. i really like your videos you are perfect

  12. Hi Donnie, great Vids, Tell me , do you sand of the guide cote in the low area's before reaplying a second layer of body filler or glaze putty ? Thank you ans have your self a great day 🙂

  13. I'm doing my first body work at 66 years old. Always been intimidated and never tried it. Thanks for the tips and hands on, it definitely will help me feel more confident.

  14. I plan on using the one part Spot Putty my car got keyed its from driver door to the passenger door makes me mad but it should be an easy fix.

  15. Donnie do you have any tips on painting semi trucks. I mainly have problems reaching the very top of them

  16. Hello Donnie, I just discovered your video and I have not completed viewing them all just yet. I am more interested in learning how to paint motorcycles and eventually some cars if the need should ever arise. My question to you is, do all the rules apply in the same order. Any tips/videos you have would be greatly appreciated.  

  17. Did he just apply the glaze without applying a primer first to the exposed metal?  what about the possibility of future rusting?

  18. polyester putty should never go over paint or recently applied primer, although the manufactures say you can it will always sink around the outside edge.It may not happen right away but over a few months it's pretty much guaranteed to do so.Also NEVER EVER apply fillers up and down always spread the fillers as the wind would go over the car. Spreading it in a vertical application will make a whole lot more work to get the panel straight

  19. Hey Donnie, What can I do about weather stripping and seals after a car has been painted? Im scared the seals will stick out like a sore thumb.

  20. Hi ! Thanks for the video I think it was very good. I was wondering if you can help me out. I have a Fiberglass Jeep CJ that was previously painted and now I am redoing the paint,I started out sanding the paint with a block and 400 grit and when I finished one side of the Jeep I put on guide coat and notice very small and light dark areas from front to back of the Tub (Fiberglass). My question is; Can I use 3M acrylic putty to fill them up or do I use body filler? and what grit of sand paper should I use to get the putty to grab? If you can answer me It will be appreciated ,Thanks.,

  21. Do I have to sand over the body of my car before applying the filler? I have a big scratch that is deep on only 1/10th of it and the rest is fairly light but I might as well respray the entire area. Also what's the difference between spot and glazing putty?

  22. Hey man can you make a video explaining, what to use and why to use certain types of bundle in certain situations, can I apply normal bundle over paint or primer, and in what phase of the body work been done to a car can I use putty.

  23. Don, I have a new BRZ and although not noticing everyone I have a spot underneath the Bumper lip I want to touch up. I have the exact paint and only needs a very light coat of filler.
    Where can I get this and would the be my best bet.
    Thanks !

  24. Hi donnie, but my question is..so from the first video repair to this one what if you didn't wanna use glazing putty. would you just have finished the work off by sanding with 150 grit or a little finer up to 180 grit?

  25. I am a beginner. I have been using bondo body filler. I used their red glazing and spot potty and it is a one part putty. Where can I get a putty similar to the one that you used here? It would be awesome to go over everything with putty like that. I waste alot of time due to inexperience.

  26. Someone should give you a pat on the back for sharing your experience and knowledge in this field. You seem like a humble person with a passion for teaching and sharing information you've learned in this profession. I enjoy your videos, thanks for sharing.

  27. I learned that if you can use products from the same company. I worked in the police photo lab and used Kodac products exclusive. Lab techs would help you when you had a problem, only if you used their products.

  28. Kudos! Does glaze putty have issues in being applied over etch or surface primers? In your description it sounds like glaze putty is a miracle product that can be applied over any primed, filled or bare metal as well as over old pre-existing paint.

  29. Thanks for the great videos. Used to do body work but have not for many year, just brushing up on new techniques and products before doing some work on my truck. My how things have changed. thanks

  30. is Glaze the same as puddy??? the puddy generally is red. why is ur Glaze greenish in most videos??? u can use hardener with the Glaze also right ?? thanks for clearing it up

  31. 40 yrs in the profession,learned something new,scuff pad to clean paper!!!! always blew clean with air.with u tube you never know if you can trust what your watching but i've watched several of your vids, and you are dead on on procedures and products,great job.newbies follow his advice you won't be sorry

  32. my panel is pretty smooth ..I do have a few dime sized areas where it's approx 1/32 of inch low spots …Will this fill those areas of do I need more body fill. the product I am using is called seal skin polyester glaze…thanks

  33. Ive been a drywall finisher for 13 years. Might have to get into this. It looks pretty easy. Im surprised to see you sanding with 150 though. If we do that with the putty it'll be scratch central after prime and paint.

  34. Hmm, I'm 17 and I bondo'd and primed some holes in my 69 skylarks roof. However! I got a cracked windshield what should I do for it?

  35. What's the most sandable sot putty on the market?
    I have tiny chips from stones hitting the hood, taking off the paint down to the metal.
    I don't want to send down the whole hood just for 20 pinholes

  36. Hello! This was extremely helpful to me. I don't work on cars, but I make costume props. You may not have intended this video for that use, but you've saved me a lot time, money, and frustration!

  37. You should always eat a bucket of kfc when doing body work ..with a potatoes mac and cheese… And do it in your bloomers but good work…

  38. Excellent information & great instructions. You are definitely passionate about auto body & paint. You would make a great teacher. Well detailed, beginners & amatures like me are very greatful to have instructions like this. Body work & paint is very intimidating. Thank you for making it more inviting & less apprehensive. I keep watching & learning.

  39. I've been a painter and a finisher for over 40 years never ever never use spot putty go ahead and use spot putty watch with solvents does to it hoorah

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