How to Use TEFLON TAPE. How to Apply PTFE TAPE. TO EASY!

How to Use TEFLON TAPE. How to Apply PTFE TAPE. TO EASY!

[music] 00:05 Speaker 1: I’m just about to apply some
of this Teflon tape to the thread on this pipe. Now, that can’t be too difficult, seriously.
Let’s have a go. So, I get out tape, and I put it on your pipe, and start, oop… And
start winding it on like that, and we just… Hang on. That’s no good. That’s… Duh, sticky
stuff. Let’s get the end square, flat, and just start winding it on like… Oop! Like
that. Hang on a sec. Just like that. Now, wind it on and I just… Is it clockwise or
anti-clockwise? I’m not sure. 00:58 S1: G’day, knuckleheads! Uncle Knackers
here. Did that look familiar? Well, if it did, keep watching this video and I’ll show
you how to do it properly. Let’s go. 01:07 S1: Now, a couple of quick things before
I start the demonstration. Teflon tape is known in some countries as PTFE tape, and
the reason for Teflon tape is that when applied to a thread on a pipe, it provides a watertight
seal and it’s often used on things like water lines, gas lines and drainage pipes. Now,
one thing to remember is that, you don’t need to use Teflon tape on a compression fitting.
Now, a compression fitting is one that requires a gasket or a cone to provide the water tight
seal. But the P-trap underneath your sink has got a rubber gasket. That provides a seal
and not the thread. So, you don’t need Teflon tape. 01:50 S1: Anyway, enough of that stuff. On
with the demo. So, this is how I do it. I get the Teflon roll itself and I’ll put it
over my index finger, just like that. And then, I’ll grab the Teflon tape and I’ll lay
it on top of the thread and hold it with my other index finger, this one here. And then,
I’ll start to wrap around the thread, keeping it nice and tight in a clockwise direction,
which is very important, and I’ll explain why later. Now, I’ll wrap it around four to
seven times and I’ll make sure that I’m one thread back from the end of the pipe. Now,
the reason for that, I’ll tell you in a second. I’ll just finish wrapping this up and I’ll
snap it off, and there you are, all done. 02:47 S1: Now, I keep it back one thread from
the end because if this Teflon tape is flapping over the end, when I screw my fitting on,
a bit can shear off, go inside the pipe, and it may foul up a valve or something like that.
And the reason why we wind it on clockwise is that the fixture itself winds on clockwise,
just like this. Now, if that Teflon tape was wound on in an anticlockwise direction, it
would unravel as you screwed this on and make it useless. So, we now have a watertight seal. 03:33 S1: Great tip, Knackers! And as per
usual, if you found this video useful, subscribe to my channel. The button’s down there; thumbs
up, the button’s down there as well. And I’m also on that Facebook thingy at DIY For Knuckleheads,
so check that one out. Anyway, I’m off to connect a [03:52] ____. So, till next time,
I’m out of here. Cheers.

100 thoughts on “How to Use TEFLON TAPE. How to Apply PTFE TAPE. TO EASY!

  1. Hi, what about putting the tape on a tap that is on a sink and you have to struggle to get underneath. How do you put it on correctly in this situation. Could you do a video showing that please. Or on any pipe that is close to a wall. Cheers

  2. Thanks mate. Helpful. Clockwise vs anticlockwise was one thing. I was looking for outside of tape in or out but your video showed it clearly. Thanks again. 1st comment!

  3. Thank you!
    This knucklehead here didn't even think of the direction of wrapping or leaving the last thread open.

  4. I am going to put teflon tape on the connector of instant water heater output connection to the shower hose. How many rounds (turnings) of teflon tape should I put? Thanks

  5. Should it be one continuous piece? I have a water line about 2 inches from the bottom of the cabinet under my sink. It's very hard to get to, and the tape gets pulled together into one or two threads of the pipe. I found that if I cut 5 pieces or so, I can get it wrapped around the threads. Would rather do it in one continuous piece like you show unwinding it from the spool..

  6. Thanks a bunch Unc! I think it was you that said : if you have compression caps for connectors you actually don't need teflon tape because the rubber seal inside should do the trick.. and you were right!.. I had both ends of my shutoff valve gushing torrents of water after installing a bidet yesterday and after watching a couple of videos and learning about teflon tape (had seen it around but never knew its name!) I thought well I'm going to have to buy some and then I stumbled upon your 'recommended by Big Brother Google" upload and heard that I shouldn't need it. This made me decide to give it another go and blow me over with a feather.. now they are both bone dry, not a single drip! Thanks again for the words of advice and to all the followers out there who have compression cap connectors that leak, try removing them and making sure they are lined up correctly with the thread and not at an slight angle. It'll save you a lot of headache and a trip to the store. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks a bunch for this video it helped a lot with resealing the shower head in my bathroom. I think I kept going counter clockwise at first…

  8. Entertaining.ย  Liked it.ย  Didn't really need to see how to do it wrong — got that part down!ย  Good info, overall.ย  Thanks.ย  Cheers!

  9. I asked the head knucklehead at the hardware store and he sed ย 'clockwise, anti clockwise no matter'. Anyway… problem solved. Thanks.

  10. OK, Knackers – great instructions for wrapping tape around a single pipe. BUT, how do you solve the problem of two pipes close together – like they always are! Blowed if I can find a solution. Worst is when they are tee joints. Any ideas. ,

  11. I just came because i couldn't remember clockwise or anti clockwise and got a bundle of extra info too, good one mate

  12. finally someone who does it right and neatly. Thank you. I would not be so far back on the pipe, but definitely would keep it so that it will not go loosely into the pipe. you start it nicely, not messy and you break the ptfe neatly. I would suggest that 5 wraps is enough. one way you can tell how much you need is when you install the pieces together they feel like they are tightening smoothly, if they are tightening right like like metal to metal feeling you probably do not have enough. but I would not worry yourself too much about how much you actually have as long as you have at least 3 wraps. if the pipe leaks, separate the two pieces, clean of all ptfe and reinstall with new Teflon (ptfe) and a few more wraps.

  13. I almost clicked away from the video thinking "this guy should learn how to do it before making a video on it".

  14. Found this useful. I had been trying to get a good seal between screw-together plastic 20mm threaded irrigation pipes in a watering system, to no avail. Someone had told me to wind PTFE counter-clockwise, and I can assure anyone this is a recipe for failure. Your tips about clockwise winding and starting back 1 thread worked really well, and gave me a successful seal against mains pressure first time! I have found that 10 turns is not too many for these plastic irrigation pipe joints – there is a little bit of flex in these pipes and the extra turns pick this up.

  15. I have a 93 Gmc I just change out the throttle body and one of the gas lines that go into the throttle body is leaking how can I stop it from leaking! it's nt leaking bad but also at the same time I dnt want crack or break the throttle body where the line goes in

  16. Do I need to apply teflon tape to air compression fittings? Like for example air tools used in automotive shops? I was told it wouldnt hurt but idk it just feels like its an extra safety thing lol.

  17. Thanks stopped the bath spout leaking. It also made it tight so that I didn't have to tighten it all the way. Otherwise the bath spout would be upside down. Only good for a bidet.

  18. Hemp is much better for plumbing applications. It swells as it gets damp. Teflon does not. Believe me, I learnt the hard way.

  19. Good advice, thanks for that. Just a suggestion, it will seem more personal if you look into the camera lens instead of the camera screen when you talk, then we think you're looking at us ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I was actually standing in the bathroom frustrated as can be because I couldn't stop the leaking of my new shower. So I turned on this video and turns out I applied it CCW. Thanks for this! It's not leaking anymore!

  21. I like the video buddy but seven turns his Overkill. It also depends on the system that they using it on if it's either low or high pressure steam but then again we don't really use galvanized or black pipe on a hot or cold water system.

  22. Good stuff man ty, I actually ended up putting bunch of teflon tape, i tried few times with 7-10 times like you said(you said 7 wraps) didnt work tho but now its all good, first time using it too

  23. Is the world that fucked that no-one has common sense anymore! Also this demo wouldn't work on left handed gas fittings!

  24. Clockwise as one faces the open end. Or: the same direction of rotation as the piece which will be screwed on.

  25. ah you totally rolled me at the start. I couldn't tell if it was one of those incompetent troll vids . Super useful stuff! Just want I needed to know, Ta mate!

  26. this was very helpful, but ummm did he just say "neegahz" at the end 3:32 I think it might just be his accent and he tryna say knuckleheads real fast but nah this aint it chief, need a new motto or tagline my guy ASAP.

  27. This helped, thank you. Things that helped: wind tape on clockwise, don't overlap tape over the end of the fitting, 4 to 7 wraps is proper, tape not used on fittings that use a rubber washer or a compression fitting.

  28. the music at the start shit my dog up. was wondering how to line my gauge and two taps up onto a cross. gauge central top and taps ether side. i can't tighten fully as then they are crooked and don't line up. i will add teflon tape and really tighten harder to get the taps to the top again but don't want to bust their threads…… thoughts plz??

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